Longest run streak ends at 52 years, 39 days

Courtesy of Ron Hill

MANCHESTER, England -- Ron Hill, 78, a three-time Olympian for Great Britain, ended his running streak on Sunday, January 29.

The streak-during which Hill ran at least one mile every day-had stood for 52 years, 39 days. It was the longest known running streak in history.

In a statement released by Streak Runners International, Hill, who lives in Hyde, a town a few miles east of Manchester, wrote: "I have been having heart problems and have been waiting for some time now to have the problem diagnosed and hopefully rectified."

On January 28, Hill wrote, he ran his last mile of the streak.

"After less than 400 metres my heart started to hurt and over the last 800 metres the problem got worse and worse," the statement reads. "I thought I might I die but just made it to 1 mile in 16 minutes and 34 seconds. There was no other option but to stop. I owed that to my wife, family and friends plus myself."

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