Juan Dixon
Juan Dixon hoists the Sears Trophy during Maryland's rally.

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Turtle Power
Maryland's chase is over. The Terrapins and their coach Gary Williams are champions. In his 24th season as a head coach, Williams led his alma mater to its first national championship with a 64-52 victory over Indiana. 

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Indiana Hoosiers
Record: 23-10 | Seed: 5 | Stats | Results
Maryland Terrapins
Record: 29-4 | Seed: 1 | Stats | Results
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Patrick: Seniors propel Terps
Maryland coach Gary Williams had the benefit of his pro-caliber stars sticking around, and the result was a title.
Shanoff: Best and dimmest
Page 2's Dan Shanoff rates everything at the NCAA championship, from mascots to the fans to whether this game was good for budding screenwriters.
Wojciechowski: Little Dixon, a big-time talent
Juan Dixon needs one more win to earn the only title he cares about -- national champions.
Katz: IU's new-school coach
Indiana has reached the title game and Mike Davis isn't about to change his style now.
Frozen Moment: Terps reserve tank
With Lonny Baxter in early foul trouble, the Terps used Chris Wilcox and their bench to blitz Kansas.

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Dixon, Terps join fans in 'bittersweet' moment
Wearing a net from Maryland's first-ever NCAA title around his neck, Juan Dixon had a hard time containing himself as he spoke to 5,000 cheering fans.
Disappointed Hoosiers welcomed by grateful fans
The Indiana Hoosiers, looking glum and weary, returned from their surprising Final Four run on Tuesday to hear a simple message from their fans: Thanks.
Ratings down, but audience is up for NCAA final
Ratings were down, but numbers were up.
Police battle fans in Bloomington, College Park
Basketball fans upset by Indiana's loss in the NCAA championship torched couches, toppled street signs and threw beer bottles at officers, while Maryland fans set bonfires and shot off fireworks in celebration.

Mike Davis turned back around on the court to get Tom Coverdale. When he found him near midcourt, the two embraced and Davis walked with his arm around his oft-injured but always resilient guard. Throughout the postgame, everyone seemed to be hugging Davis. Even opposing players hugged him. Maryland's Tahj Holden did on the court; on Sunday, Juan Dixon did in the hallway. Davis has that way with players, his or opposing players, that they are drawn to him. It has been a wild ride for Davis and the Hoosiers but he didn't seem too distressed at the end of the night. He just found comfort in a hug with any player. As the season ended, Davis found himself more beloved within the school and with the players than even he could have ever imagined.
Intense to the End
Gary Williams style may seem extreme, but he's made all of Maryland extremely happy.
Williams' Long Journey
Even when he and Gary Williams were coaching New Jersey high schools, Dickie V could see the passion and talent on opposing sideline.

Tournament Most Outstanding Player Juan Dixon joins ESPN's Brad Dougherty.
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 Supporting Cast
Gary Williams credits his seniors' courage to return to championship form (Courtesy: NCAA Prod.).
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 Hats Off
ESPN's Dick Vitale, Digger Phelps and Chris Fowler recap Maryland's victory over Indiana.
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