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Bobby Marks ESPN 

Here are the financial implications for San Antonio: The Spurs now have a projected payroll of $121.3M and $2.4M below the luxury tax. DeMar DeRozan has a cap hit of $27.7M for the next three seasons with a player option in 2020-21. Jakob Poeltl is under contract for the next two seasons with a salary of $2.9M and $3.8M (team option). The team option can be exercised from when the trade is finalized up until October 31 of this year. For 2019-20, San Antonio has $109M in team salary that factors in the $16M contract of Pau Gasol. The contract has $6.7M in guaranteed money that becomes fully protected if he is not waived by July 10, 2019.

Bobby Marks ESPN 

Here are the financial implications for Toronto by acquiring Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green: The Raptors now have a payroll of $139.1M and a current tax bill of $29.8M. Danny Green is in the last year of his contract with a cap hit of $10M. Leonard will have a cap hit of $23.1M (including the trade bonus) and has a $21.3M player option for 2019-20. If Leonard elects to leave as a free agent in 2019, Toronto will have $101.6M in guaranteed salary and will be over the salary cap based on the team options of Pascal Siakam ($2.4M), Malachi Richardson ($2.6M), OG Anunoby ($2.3M) and $7.6M free agent hold of Delon Wright. The Raptors could create some flexibility if Jonas Valanciunas ($17.6M) and CJ Miles ($8.7M) opt-out of their contract. If Leonard returns, the first year cap hit projects to be $32.7M. In 2020-21, Toronto only has the $10.9M Norman Powell salary and $3.9M OG Anunoby team option counting against the cap.

Ian Begley ESPN Staff Writer 

The Knicks are the most valuable sports franchise in the NBA, per Forbes. The Knicks are valued by the magazine at $3.6 billion, the 7th-highest value among all pro sports franchises.

Bobby Marks ESPN 

Here is the contract breakdown for the main principles in the Toronto and San Antonio trade: Kawhi Leonard has two years left on his contract with a cap hit of $20.1M and $21.3M. The second year is a player option that Leonard is likely to opt-out of. Leonard has a 15% trade bonus of $3M that will be added to his 2018-19 salary. The Spurs will be responsible for paying the bonus but the $23.1M cap hit will count against the cap for the Raptors. Leonard is extension eligible 6 months after the trade for a contract of four years, $108. The Raptors will inherit his bird rights and can sign him to a five year, $189.6M (starting salary of $32.7M) contract in the summer of 2019 when he is a free agent. Signing with a team that has cap space would see Leonard receive a contract of four years, $140.6M. Because of the trade, Leonard is not super max eligible to receive a contract of $221M. In essence, the forward could lose $80M from this trade if he signs with a new team next summer. DeMar DeRozan is under contract through the 2020-21 season with a cap hit of $27.7M for each season. The guard has a player option for the 2020-21 season.