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Michael C. Wright ESPN Staff Writer 

Outside the Times Warner Cable Arena, this Hornets fan shop is closed until further notice.

Michael C. Wright ESPN Staff Writer 

Outside the Time Warner Cable Arena where National Guard folks are posted up. Many of the stores and businesses along this street were vandalized or looted during recent protests.

Michael C. Wright ESPN Staff Writer 

Just arrived in Charlotte in advance of Hornets media day and stumbles upon this. For as much unrest as there has been out here, I'm seeing lots of people praying and having some meaningful dialogue.

Justin Verrier ESPN Staff Writer 

Pelicans PG Tim Frazier said he worked on his shooting alongside close friend and former teammate Damian Lillard this summer. Frazier, who re-signed with New Orleans for two years, $4 million, has shot 32.3 percent from 3 in 62 career NBA games. The 25-year-old figures to see an increase in opportunity in training camp and early in the regular season with Jrue Holiday out for an indefinite number of games. Frazier said at Friday's media day that he told Holiday he'd "hold down the fort" until the veteran guard gets back.

Calvin Watkins ESPN Staff Writer 

Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni discusses the adjustments players make for a new coach.


Calvin Watkins ESPN Staff Writer 

Rockets working on defensive close-outs during Sunday's practice.


Royce Young ESPN Staff Writer 

Steven Adams on "the Draymond Green rule," where the league will look at "unnatural acts" like, say, kicks to the groin.


Calvin Watkins ESPN Staff Writer 

Day 2 Rockets practice.

Baxter Holmes ESPN Staff Writer 

Lastly, Kevin Garnett to me in 2014 on working with younger players and what he believes today's game is lacking: "The fact that I was able to help guys progress, I've helped guys become men. I've helped guys communicate and taught them how to communicate to others [who] didn't necessarily understand [them]. I think our game is lacking a bit of that. We seek approval from each other by being friends and guys work out together. If that's the times, that's the times. But true competition comes in, ‘There's a winner, and there's a loser.' And I don't know anybody who wants to be a loser, who's calling themselves a wimp…I'm not saying you've got to hate a guy, but if you do, I understand when you're between the lines. And 'hate' is a very strong word, so I would use the word 'dislike.' I get it. To me, that's alpha. That's leadership. A leader is going to show more in his actions versus his words."

Brad Edwards College Football 

Kevin Love getting the crowd up at the Rose Bowl