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Russillo @ryenarussillo

LeBron is -1 ring, right? 3-4 in Finals. Or... +.5 (half ring) vs. SA -1 DAL +1 OKC +.75 SA -1 SA +.5 G ST + 1.5 G ST +2.25 Rings! (Not -1)

Jay Harris @JayHarrisESPN

Celtics didn't lead for a single SECOND during their 3 home games during the Eastern Conference Finals.

Jay Harris @JayHarrisESPN

LeBron James will become 7th player in NBA history to compete in 7 straight NBA Finals. Previous 6 were all Celtics in the Bill Russell era.

Jay Harris @JayHarrisESPN

Cavaliers: 12-1 this postseason (1st Eastern Conference team to reach NBA Finals with 1 or fewer losses since 1995-96 Bulls)

Chris Forsberg ESPN Staff Writer 

LeBron James on postgame embrace with Isaiah Thomas: "I was happy to? see him. Just give him a big hug from myself and my family."