Are Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant the best NBA duo ever?

Has an NBA duo ever been better at its peak than Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant? Larry W. Smith/EPA

Are Golden State Warriors teammates Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant playing better than any duo in NBA history? That's what ESPN NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy declared earlier in the NBA Finals.

"One of the best duos to play together -- maybe ever," Van Gundy said during Game 2. "Yeah, I said it. The best to play, ever, together."

Certainly, Curry and Durant haven't accomplished as much together -- or even individually -- as iconic NBA duos such as Russell and Cousy, Jordan and Pippen, Bird and McHale, Stockton and Malone or Johnson and Abdul-Jabbar. But those combos didn't necessarily peak the way Curry and Durant, who are both in their prime, seem to be doing.

Has any pair of stars burned brighter for the same team at the same time?