T. SefoloshaT. SefoloshaSF334-70-10-017822014+88
K. DurantK. DurantSF427-212-413-1417844141+1729
J. GreenJ. GreenSF367-162-52-212301114+1018
N. KrsticN. KrsticC204-100-02-234711111+1010
R. WestbrookR. WestbrookPG368-170-05-6257108021+1021
D.J. WhiteD.J. WhitePF00-00-00-000000000+100
S. IbakaS. IbakaPF82-30-00-012300032-34
N. CollisonN. CollisonPF261-40-00-0371010112+62
M. HarpringM. HarpringSF00-00-00-000000000-10
B. MullensB. MullensC20-10-00-000000000-60
E. ThomasE. ThomasC00-00-00-000000000+00
E. MaynorE. MaynorPG122-31-10-001140014-15
K. OllieK. OlliePG20-00-00-000000000-70
J. HardenJ. HardenSG223-81-30-002200024+17
K. WeaverK. WeaverSG00-00-00-000000000+100
Show Bench
+/- denotes team's net points while the player is on the court
Fast Break Points: 30
Points in Paint: 42
Total Turnovers (Points Off Turnovers): 34 (29)
Flagrant Fouls: 0
Technical Fouls: 0
C. MaggetteC. MaggetteSF308-160-08-1215631033-924
A. BiedrinsA. BiedrinsC322-50-00-03151820333-154
C. KarlC. KarlPG304-121-61-202210033-510
S. CurryS. CurryPG279-153-72-301142033+223
M. EllisM. EllisSG406-222-51-203362074-1215
A. TolliverA. TolliverPF365-101-10-0651112004-411
B. WrightB. WrightPF00-00-00-000000000+170
A. RandolphA. RandolphSF00-00-00-000000000+10
K. AzubuikeK. AzubuikeSF00-00-00-000000000+100
V. RadmanovicV. RadmanovicSF00-00-00-000000000+00
D. GeorgeD. GeorgeSF00-00-00-000000000+00
C. HunterC. HunterC30-00-01-210100000+71
R. TuriafR. TuriafC131-10-00-012330011-12
C.J. WatsonC.J. WatsonPG130-30-20-002210011-30
S. ClaxtonS. ClaxtonPG-------------------------------------
A. MorrowA. MorrowSG162-41-20-001120010-55
R. BellR. BellSG00-00-00-000000000+00
Show Bench
+/- denotes team's net points while the player is on the court
Fast Break Points: 29
Points in Paint: 42
Total Turnovers (Points Off Turnovers): 46 (19)
Flagrant Fouls: 0
Technical Fouls: 0

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