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Scott Lauber ESPN Staff Writer 

John Farrell on Joe Kelly's full-court shooting exploits: "That's a long strike. It's not part of the throwing program, but still, a hell of a throw."

Scott Lauber ESPN Staff Writer 

About that full-court shot that made SportsCenter, Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly guessed he has done it "maybe a handful" of times in his life. It took him three tries Thursday night after game at Florida Gulf Coast, Chris Sale's alma mater. No, Kelly didn't play basketball in high school in California.

Charles Moynihan ESPN Producer 

Rangers catcher Jonathan Lucroy on the rapidly increasing number of shifts in MLB: "It's a product of the environment. I don't mind it. A lot of times we pitch to the shift. If anything, hitters should learn to go the other way. If clubs shifted on Tony Gwynn, he would have hit .700.

Darren Rovell ESPN Senior Writer 

New at Rangers and Royals Spring Training Home Games: A hot dog wrapped in a burger wrapped in bacon for $8.75 (Credit: Josh Frigerio/ABC Phoenix)

Scott Lauber ESPN Staff Writer 

Given he's coming back from shoulder surgery, Pablo Sandoval admits he shouldn't have slid headfirst into second on third-inning double vs. Northeastern, but you know, instincts. "You don't think about it. You hustle and you don't think to dive like that."

Scott Lauber ESPN Staff Writer 

John Farrell said it was "disappointing" to see Rusney Castillo jog down line on double play grounder, not only because he lost track of number of outs but also because he doesn't have spot on team.

Scott Lauber ESPN Staff Writer 

Positive first game for Blake Swihart, who didn't have issues in three innings behind plate and tested surgically repaired ankle by scoring from first on double. Ditto for Sam Travis (homer) in return from knee surgery.

Mark Saxon ESPN Staff Writer 

We'll delve into this in more detail in a story over the weekend, but Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright hinted at some clubhouse discord last season when talking about the team-building exercise from Thursday that he proposed to manager Mike Matheny. "You get better in the clubhouse, you usually get better on the field so we're trying to do that this year," Wainwright said. "Last year, we just weren't on the same page. I think everyone would say that. We're just doing so much of a better job to just check in on everybody this year