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Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN

An idea under strong consideration by the Indians: Kluber starting in Games 1, 4 and 7. Old School.

Kyle Bonagura ESPN Staff Writer 

Washington State coach Mike Leach has weighed in on who he will be cheering for in the World Series (the Indians) and why (Cubs fans bother him). Summed up, Leach thinks there are too many Cubs and doesn't like when the team is referred to as "My Cubbies." "Every yuppie with a BMW or with some special attachment to his computer or some designer set of jeans or something like that is a Cubs fans and refers to them as ‘My Cubbies,'" Leach said. "And I think there are too many out-of-the-woodwork people that like them that like them because they like the uniforms. Don't know the first thing about baseball. Probably have never even attended a Cubs games."

Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer 

Trevor Bauer about to test his cut pinky.

Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer 

How will the Indians use Danny Salazar? "We are going to have him available for whatever we need him for," pitching coach Mickey Callaway said. "If it is Game 4 and we need a starter, he can pitch. He can probably go four innings and 60 pitches, if we need him to."

David Schoenfield SweetSpot blogger 

One thing you'll hear about heading into Game 1 is whether the five days off will hurt the Indians. It's true that there have been a few teams in the past 10 years who didn't fare well after a long layoff (like the 2012 Tigers, who got swept), but if you go back to 1995 the team with the longer layoff has won 11 of 21 World Series. If the Indians lose it won't be because they had three more days off than the Cubs.

Bradford Doolittle ESPN Staff Writer 

Red-hot Indians reliever Andrew Miller talks about going against several former teammates who are now with the Cubs.


Bradford Doolittle ESPN Staff Writer 

Here is Indians outfield Rajai Davis talking about disrupting Jon Lester and the rest of the Cubs pitching staff with the running game, and doing it more successfully than the Dodgers were able to do it in the NLCS.


Jim Bowden ESPN Senior Writer 

Terry Francona just told us that Danny Salazar will be on their WS roster and Cody Anderson will be off.

Jim Bowden ESPN Senior Writer 

Corey Kluber at the mic in the interview room at Progressive Field

Doug Padilla ESPN Staff Writer 

Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said Clayton Kershaw was heathy for his start Saturday. Kershaw still needs to go through his exit physical but "no news is expected," Friedman said. Back surgery is not anticipated.

Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer 

ALCS hero Ryan Merritt, the rookie, will be on the World Series roster.

Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer 

The injured Danny Salazar will be on the Indians' World Series roster, the team's pitching coach, Mickey Callaway just told me. Salazar will be available for a variety of roles from starting to relief, but will only able to throw 60-70 pitches.

Jayson Stark ESPN Senior Writer 

Danny Salazar says he was told by Indians pitching coach Mickey Calloway he'll be on the World Series roster but doesn't know if he'll start or relieve. "I don't know if I'm a starter or reliever but I'm ready," he said.

Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer 

Here at media day, we have an indication that Trevor Bauer will start Game 2 of the World Series. He is throwing his first bullpen since bleeding off the mound of Game 3 of the ALCS. Why is his bullpen significant? This would be his normal day to throw if he were to start Wednesday's Game 2. If he gets through it OK, it would seem Game 2 would be Bauer's.

Bradford Doolittle ESPN Staff Writer 

Indians pitcher Danny Salazar says he's been told he's on the team's World Series roster. Doesn't know his role.

Jim Bowden ESPN Senior Writer 

Kris Bryant keeping his ears warm as he gets ready to hit