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Jim Bowden ESPN Senior Writer 

Tarp on. Rain coming down. Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer just went to weather meeting. Game expected to start on time with about a 3-hour window until 10 when weather could get bad.

Darren Rovell ESPN Senior Writer 

Awesome pour-your-own local craft beer wall at Progressive Field includes 12 rotating favorites

Coley Harvey ESPN Staff Writer 

It's Joe Maddon's understanding that tonight's rainfall during Game 2 will be more of a drizzle, and not like the extreme conditions he saw in Game 5 of the 2008 World Series. That game between his then-Rays and the Phillies had to be paused in the sixth. "Rain was horizontal," Maddon remembered. "One of my better memories in baseball."

Paul Lukas 

Indians sticking with navy jerseys and Chief Wahoo caps — same as last night — for Game 2 of the World Series.

Bradford Doolittle ESPN Staff Writer 

Once the game starts, the decision on whether to stop or call the game reverts to the umpires.

Bradford Doolittle ESPN Staff Writer 

MLB official just updated media on the status of tonight's World Series Game 2 in rainy Cleveland. The plan is still to play. Hope is the moisture will remain a light drizzle. Right now no delay is planned but final determination will depend on the weather and how long the starting pitchers need to warmup. If the game is stopped after starting, it will pick up from the point of suspension, likely tomorrow. Final call will be made by commissioner Rob Manfred.

Darren Rovell ESPN Senior Writer 

Just tried the Fat Head Brewery's Fat Italian ($13.75) at Progressive Field


Marly Rivera ESPN Writer 

When I asked Paquito Lindor to compare himself to Javy Báez, he said Báez is an "incredible hitter" - "I really need to learn to hit more like him… but please don't tell him!"

Marly Rivera ESPN Writer 

A couple of young stars from Puerto Rico greet each other outside the clubhouse!


Darren Rovell ESPN Senior Writer 

Most important item for tonight just showed up in Indians stadium store ($28)

Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer 

The Indians plan is to start Trevor Bauer and Josh Tomlin in Games 5 and 6 on short rest, as well.

Jayson Stark ESPN Senior Writer 

Terry Francona confirms that the plan to pitch Corey Kluber in Games 4 & 7 means Trevor Bauer & Josh Tomlin also would come back on short rest in Games 5 & 6

Jayson Stark ESPN Senior Writer 

Terry Francona on how bright GM Mike Chernoff is: "Cherny's kid is only 5. And he already uses big words than I do."

Jayson Stark ESPN Senior Writer 

Terry Francona on the likelihood of Corey Kluber starting in Games 4 & 7: "He's all set to pitch (Game 4). That was probably Plan A.":

Andrew Marchand ESPN Senior Writer 

Cory Kluber will start Game 4 on three days rest. Terry Francona said he took him out after 88 pitches with Game 4 in mind. Kluber threw six scoreless innings In Game 1.

Bradford Doolittle @bbdoolittle

Terry Francona says Corey Kluber is "all set to pitch" in regards to Game 4. Says that's why he was pulled after 88 pitches in Game 1.

Bradford Doolittle ESPN Staff Writer 

The Indians' Francisco Lindor, on what he learned about Javier Baez's lightening-quick tagging abilities during Game 1: "Don't let him tag you."

Charles Moynihan ESPN 

The tarp has been temporarily removed to dump the water in the outfield.


Jesse Rogers ESPN Staff Writer 

The latest AccuWeather forecast for Wednesday night calls for a chance of rain at 30 percent from 7-9 EST which could lead to a delay in the start. Later, the rain could have a bigger impact if the game lasts more than 3 hours or goes into extra innings. Temps will be in the low 40's throughout the night. The wind will also be a factor blowing 10-20 mph from the east-southeast, that's right to left field.