The five most important front-office decisions of the summer

In Tim Beckham, the Orioles acquired a good shortstop who is in his prime. Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire

Heading into the summer, every front office in baseball was trying to make their big acquisition, either to upgrade their roster for the postseason or find that core piece that would help them return to winning ways in future years.

This was certainly an eventful couple of months, with big trades happening in both July and August, but only a few deals look to have really moved the needle at this point. With hindsight as our benefit, here are the five most important front-office decisions of the summer.

5. Baltimore Orioles acquire Tim Beckham

While the Orioles won't be returning to the postseason this year, they did make one of the best under-the-radar trades of the summer when they acquired Beckham from the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for A-ball pitching prospect Tobias Myers.

Beckham, immediately inserted into the lineup as Baltimore's starting shortstop, got off to a ridiculous start for the first few weeks of August before cooling off a bit down the stretch. But even if he's never going to be Mr. Consistency, the Orioles have to be thrilled to have Beckham around for the next few years.