The 2017 ZiPS Awards for Unusual Achievements

Hard-hitting mighty mite Jose Altuve is in line for some virtual hardware, but which award(s) should he win? Thomas B. Shea/USA Today Sports

With dreams of a seven-way wild card tie in the American League and the resulting delicious chaos apparently coming to naught, it's time to turn to the seasonal hardware. After all, ballots are due on Sunday, and for the writers that don't wish to emulate me in every class I ever took, it's best to not start thinking about the assignment on Sunday.

Given that I'm not legally required to host some weird Szymborski-based awards dinner and produce physical trophies, I like to give out a whole bunch of additional ones. Consider them moral victories, not quite as good as actual victories, but better than playing for the 2017 San Francisco Giants.

Those traditional awards, but done with wacky computer stuff

One thing I've done a lot of work with during the last decade is predicting how the writers will vote for the awards. While individual writers may vary, as a group, there are some predictable patterns of voting. Disclaimer: The National League Cy Young vote is the award I vote in this year and I can't reveal that, or they'll do something nasty to me, or so the rumors say.