Sweet relief: Baseball's best pitchers in the clutch

Corey Knebel has 37 saves this season, while striking out over 40 percent of batters that he's faced. Charles LeClaire/USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I listed 10 batters who have had success hitting in high-leverage situations this season. It was a diverse list that included many of the game's best overall hitters, but also a few surprises thrown in. This week, I've created the same list for pitchers.

Unsurprisingly, the list is composed entirely of relievers, because I included only those pitchers who faced at least 50 batters in high-leverage situations (as defined by FanGraphs), and in doing so, removed all starting pitchers from consideration. Almost all of the remaining pitchers were closers or set-up men, those who pitch in these situations on a regular basis -- and evidently for good reason. So which pitchers are at their best when the game is on the line?