MLB managers on the hot seat

Mets skipper Terry Collins is just one of a number of MLB managers on the hot seat. Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

These are strange times in Major League Baseball. No manager has been fired during the season. Only one manager was fired during the 2016 season. I miss the days of irrational owners and front offices impetuously firing managers, even 150 games into a season when your team is in playoff position.

That doesn't mean, however, that some managers won't be canned after the season. Two teams hired a new manager last offseason -- the Diamondbacks and White Sox -- but that's a low figure as well. Does that mean more could lose their jobs this offseason? Possibly, but managers are more like middle managers these days, not CEOs, and with many teams in clear rebuilding phases, managers aren't the fall guys for bad seasons the way they once were. Still, here are some of the men in the dugout who will be on the hot seat:

Terry Collins, New York Mets: He signed a two-year extension after the Mets reached the World Series in 2015, but he's 68, his contract is expiring and the Mets have had a disappointing season, so the crystal ball is pretty clear. Collins isn't to blame for everything that went wrong in 2017, but local media reported back in May that GM Sandy Alderson was irked with several strategic moves Collins had made. He has had only two winning seasons in seven years with the Mets. Few managers last long with an organization with that kind of track record, so expect the Mets to go younger with a new-breed sabermetric-type skipper.