The Senior Open Championship

  • July 27 - 30, 2017
  • Royal Porthcawl Golf Club
  • Par 71
    Yards 7,010
  • Purse $1,700,000
    2017 Champion Bernhard Langer


1Bernhard Langer-4F-
2Corey Pavin-1F-
3Billy AndradeEF-
3Fred CouplesEF-
3Peter LonardEF-
6Miguel Angel Martin+1F-
6Magnus P. Atlevi+1F-
6Phillip Price+1F-
9David McKenzie+2F-
9Billy Mayfair+2F-
11Miguel Angel Jimenez+3F-
11Steve Flesch+3F-
13David Frost+4F-
14Brad Faxon+5F-
15Woody Austin+6F-
15Peter Fowler+6F-
15Jeff Sluman+6F-
15Mike Goodes+6F-
15Tom Pernice Jr+6F-
15Paul Broadhurst+6F-
15Santiago Luna+6F-
15Scott Dunlap+6F-
23Scott McCarron+7F-
23Greg Turner+7F-
23Gene Sauers+7F-
23Joe Daley+7F-
23Colin Montgomerie+7F-
23Tom Lehman+7F-
23Tom Watson+7F-
30Mark McNulty+8F-
31Duffy Waldorf+9F-
31Willie Wood+9F-
31Andre Bossert+9F-
31Jeff Maggert+9F-
31Mark Mouland+9F-
31Russ Cochran+9F-
31Clark Dennis+9F-
38David Gilford+10F-
38Prayad Marksaeng+10F-
38Mauricio Molina+10F-
38Larry Mize+10F-
38John Daly+10F-
43Carlos Franco+11F-
43Roger Chapman+11F-
45Paul Wesselingh+12F-
45Sandy Lyle+12F-
45Olin Browne+12F-
45Steen Tinning+12F-
45Esteban Toledo+12F-
45Ian Woosnam+12F-
45Jerry Kelly+12F-
45Marco Dawson+12F-
53Skip Kendall+13F-
53Andrew Oldcorn+13F-
53Jose Maria Olazabal+13F-
53Paul Streeter+13F-
57Tim Thelen+14F-
57Michael Harwood+14F-
57Thaworn Wiratchant+14F-
57Glen Day+14F-
61Jean-Francois Remesy+15F-
61Nick Faldo+15F-
61Barry Lane+15F-
61Todd Hamilton+15F-
61Stephen Dodd+15F-
66Cesar Monasterio+16F-
66Gary Orr+16F-
68Chip Lutz+17F-
68Christopher Williams+17F-
70Jarmo Sandelin+19F-
70Carl Mason+19F-
70Lian-Wei Zhang+19F-
73Pedro Linhart+20F-
73Des Smyth+20F-
73Paul Goydos+20F-
73Gary Wolstenholme+20F-
73John King+20F-
78Randy Haag+21F-
79James Kingston+22F-
80Stephen McAllister+24F-
81Terry Price+25F-
82Shaun Ball+28F-


Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Tiger Woods has made a surprisingly successful return to golf in 2018 after four back surgeries and problems that he generally has acknowledged dated to 2013. Woods took it back a year farther on Wednesday when asked about his experience at his last Ryder Cup in 2012. "I wasn't feeling physically well that Ryder Cup, and that's were my back started bugging me.'' Woods had issues about a month earlier at the Barclays tournament where he said a bad hotel mattress contributed to his discomfort. At the Ryder Cup, Woods went 0-3-1 -- losing three team matches with Steve Stricker -- and for the first time sat out a session.

Gabriele Marcotti @Marcotti

Haven't seen a close-up of the replay, but hard to tell what Ronaldo did to get sent off there... unless he pulled Murillo's hair?!?