United Leasing & Finance Championship

  • April 20 - 23, 2017
  • Victoria National Golf Club
  • Par 72
    Yards 7,242
  • Purse $600,000
    2017 Champion D.H. Lee


1-D.H. LeeD.H. Lee-6+2F70716774282$108,000.00-
29Jason GoreJ. Gore-5EF72697072283$64,800.00-
T316Scott LangleyS. Langley-1-2F72757070287$34,800.00-
T3-Roberto DiazR. Diaz-1+6F72706778287$34,800.00-
51Kyle ThompsonK. ThompsonE+4F68727276288$24,000.00-
T626Jimmy GunnJ. Gunn+1-2F70737670289$19,425.00-
T613Andrew YunA. Yun+1+1F73707373289$19,425.00-
T62Scott GutschewskiS. Gutschewski+1+4F71707276289$19,425.00-
T65Ted Potter Jr.T. Potter Jr.+1+4F71727076289$19,425.00-
T1028Derek ErnstD. Ernst+2-1F76697471290$15,000.00-
T109Richard JohnsonR. Johnson+2+1F72747173290$15,000.00-
T106Sung Joon ParkS. Joon Park+2+1F75717173290$15,000.00-
T1319Jonathan ByrdJ. Byrd+3-1F71727771291$11,600.00-
T134Talor GoochT. Gooch+3+2F71727474291$11,600.00-
T136Tom LoveladyT. Lovelady+3+3F75707175291$11,600.00-
T165Stephan JaegerS. Jaeger+4EF70727872292$9,300.00-
T16-Andrew PutnamA. Putnam+4+2F71737474292$9,300.00-
T1612James DriscollJ. Driscoll+4+2F72757174292$9,300.00-
T163Seth ReevesS. Reeves+4+3F72747175292$9,300.00-
T2025Shane BertschS. Bertsch+5EF75717572293$6,744.00-
T2012Samuel Del ValS. Del Val+5+3F77717075293$6,744.00-
T2031Eric AxleyE. Axley+5EF74737472293$6,744.00-
T201Sebastian VazquezS. Vazquez+5+3F72727475293$6,744.00-
T201Wes RoachW. Roach+5+3F73727375293$6,744.00-
T2513Jim KnousJ. Knous+6+2F74727474294$4,468.00-
T253Michael GellermanM. Gellerman+6+4F76717176294$4,468.00-
T2514Nate LashleyN. Lashley+6+6F69747378294$4,468.00-
T2514Rob OppenheimR. Oppenheim+6+6F70747278294$4,468.00-
T2516Ryan YipR. Yip+6+7F68747379294$4,468.00-
T2521Austin CookA. Cook+6+7F72697479294$4,468.00-
T2521Michael JohnsonM. Johnson+6+7F72707379294$4,468.00-
T2514Nick RouseyN. Rousey+6+8F72727080294$4,468.00-
T3314Ken LooperK. Looper+7+4F71727676295$3,360.00-
T335Taylor MooreT. Moore+7+5F71777077295$3,360.00-
T335Jonathan KayeJ. Kaye+7+3F70787275295$3,360.00-
T3322Michael PutnamM. Putnam+7+2F73747474295$3,360.00-
T331Albin ChoiA. Choi+7+2F74737474295$3,360.00-
T3822Alexandre RochaA. Rocha+8+6F72707678296$2,708.00-
T38-Jason MillardJ. Millard+8+7F78706979296$2,708.00-
T3810Xin-jun ZhangX. Zhang+8+7F71747279296$2,708.00-
T3825Chris NaegelC. Naegel+8EF77707772296$2,708.00-
T424Peter TomasuloP. Tomasulo+9+5F72757377297$2,025.00-
T4210Brady SchnellB. Schnell+9+4F75737376297$2,025.00-
T429Justin LowerJ. Lower+9+3F79697475297$2,025.00-
T423Andrew LandryA. Landry+9+3F75737475297$2,025.00-
T4213Benjamin SilvermanB. Silverman+9+2F73747674297$2,025.00-
T4221Aaron WiseA. Wise+9+1F70767873297$2,025.00-
T423Dawie Van Der WaltD. Van Der Walt+9+1F76717773297$2,025.00-
T4238Alex PrughA. Prugh+9+12F74716884297$2,025.00-
T5031Sepp StrakaS. Straka+10+9F74737081298$1,725.00-
T5013Kent BulleK. Bulle+10+2F75727774298$1,725.00-
T5211Erik ComptonE. Compton+11+6F71777378299$1,662.00-
T523Chase WrightC. Wright+11+4F71757776299$1,662.00-
T523Kyle WilshireK. Wilshire+11+2F76727774299$1,662.00-
T5510Charlie SaxonC. Saxon+12+7F79687479300$1,610.00-
T5510Jonathan HodgeJ. Hodge+12+6F73737678300$1,610.00-
T5517Andrew SvobodaA. Svoboda+12+5F71767677300$1,610.00-
T5826John ChinJ. Chin+13+9F74707681301$1,566.00-
T587Abraham AncerA. Ancer+13+6F68807578301$1,566.00-
T585Craig BowdenC. Bowden+13+4F72757876301$1,566.00-
T5812Bobby GatesB. Gates+13+3F77717875301$1,566.00-
T6224Nicholas ThompsonN. Thompson+14+10F77697482302$1,524.00-
T6217Timothy MadiganT. Madigan+14+9F72767381302$1,524.00-
T627Anders AlbertsonA. Albertson+14+6F77717678302$1,524.00-
652Marc TurnesaM. Turnesa+15+7F75717879303$1,500.00-
T6615A.J. McInerneyA.J. McInerney+16+7F73757779304$1,482.00-
T6611Carlos OrtizC. Ortiz+16+7F76717879304$1,482.00-
T6813Alex KangA. Kang+17+10F75717782305$1,458.00-
T685Zach WrightZ. Wright+17+7F69778079305$1,458.00-
--Luke GuthrieL. GuthrieCUT-CUT7178----149$0-
--Ethan TracyE. TracyCUT-CUT7475----149$0-
--Jamie ArnoldJ. ArnoldCUT-CUT7475----149$0-
--Eric MeierdierksE. MeierdierksCUT-CUT7475----149$0-
--Jin ParkJ. ParkCUT-CUT7475----149$0-
--Mito PereiraM. PereiraCUT-CUT7673----149$0-
--Byron SmithB. SmithCUT-CUT7574----149$0-
--Brice GarnettB. GarnettCUT-CUT7475----149$0-
--Shaun MicheelS. MicheelCUT-CUT7673----149$0-
--Dan WoltmanD. WoltmanCUT-CUT7376----149$0-
--Cameron WilsonC. WilsonCUT-CUT7673----149$0-
--Matt HarmonM. HarmonCUT-CUT7970----149$0-
--Scott WolfesS. WolfesCUT-CUT7475----149$0-
--Scott HarringtonS. HarringtonCUT-CUT7575----150$0-
--David SkinnsD. SkinnsCUT-CUT7674----150$0-
--Michael LetzigM. LetzigCUT-CUT7872----150$0-
--Robert AllenbyR. AllenbyCUT-CUT7377----150$0-
--Adam LongA. LongCUT-CUT7575----150$0-
--Corey ConnersC. ConnersCUT-CUT7377----150$0-
--Vince IndiaV. IndiaCUT-CUT7674----150$0-
--Josh TeaterJ. TeaterCUT-CUT7476----150$0-
--Jeremy PaulJ. PaulCUT-CUT7278----150$0-
--Vince CovelloV. CovelloCUT-CUT7575----150$0-
--Chesson HadleyC. HadleyCUT-CUT7873----151$0-
--Justin ShinJ. ShinCUT-CUT7576----151$0-
--Greg EasonG. EasonCUT-CUT7477----151$0-
--Peter LonardP. LonardCUT-CUT7477----151$0-
--Jim RennerJ. RennerCUT-CUT7675----151$0-
--Martin PillerM. PillerCUT-CUT7279----151$0-
--Ben TaylorB. TaylorCUT-CUT7477----151$0-
--Matt DavidsonM. DavidsonCUT-CUT7180----151$0-
--Tom WhitneyT. WhitneyCUT-CUT8270----152$0-
--Kyoung-Hoon LeeK. LeeCUT-CUT7676----152$0-
--Alex AragonA. AragonCUT-CUT7775----152$0-
--Brandon CrickB. CrickCUT-CUT7280----152$0-
--Taewoo KimT. KimCUT-CUT7775----152$0-
--Erik BarnesE. BarnesCUT-CUT7577----152$0-
--Gregory YatesG. YatesCUT-CUT7577----152$0-
--Casey WittenbergC. WittenbergCUT-CUT7379----152$0-
--Ben KohlesB. KohlesCUT-CUT7479----153$0-
--Adam SchenkA. SchenkCUT-CUT7677----153$0-
--Jacques BlaauwJ. BlaauwCUT-CUT7677----153$0-
--Sebastian CappelenS. CappelenCUT-CUT8172----153$0-
--Rhein GibsonR. GibsonCUT-CUT7777----154$0-
--Zack FischerZ. FischerCUT-CUT7678----154$0-
--Chris BakerC. BakerCUT-CUT7381----154$0-
--David GazzoloD. GazzoloCUT-CUT7975----154$0-
--Steve FleschS. FleschCUT-CUT8174----155$0-
--Tommy GaineyT. GaineyCUT-CUT7778----155$0-
--Adam SvenssonA. SvenssonCUT-CUT7976----155$0-
--Matt AtkinsM. AtkinsCUT-CUT7778----155$0-
--Chris TidlandC. TidlandCUT-CUT7976----155$0-
--Eric ColeE. ColeCUT-CUT8372----155$0-
--Brandon HarkinsB. HarkinsCUT-CUT7778----155$0-
--Thomas AikenT. AikenCUT-CUT7482----156$0-
--Rick CochranR. CochranCUT-CUT7878----156$0-
--Ryan McCormickR. McCormickCUT-CUT7977----156$0-
--Clayton PortzC. PortzCUT-CUT8076----156$0-
--Conner GodseyC. GodseyCUT-CUT7581----156$0-
--Steve AllanS. AllanCUT-CUT7780----157$0-
--Seth FairS. FairCUT-CUT7780----157$0-
--Kurt KitayamaK. KitayamaCUT-CUT8275----157$0-
--Jack MaguireJ. MaguireCUT-CUT7681----157$0-
--Zach FullertonZ. FullertonCUT-CUT7780----157$0-
--Lanto GriffinL. GriffinCUT-CUT8572----157$0-
--Paul BarjonP. BarjonCUT-CUT8374----157$0-
--Sam RyderS. RyderCUT-CUT7484----158$0-
--Mark AnguianoM. AnguianoCUT-CUT7979----158$0-
--Conrad ShindlerC. ShindlerCUT-CUT7980----159$0-
--Chase ParkerC. ParkerCUT-CUT8178----159$0-
--William KroppW. KroppCUT-CUT8277----159$0-
--Trevor SmithT. SmithCUT-CUT8575----160$0-
--Chris WorrellC. WorrellCUT-CUT7981----160$0-
--Denny McCarthyD. McCarthyCUT-CUT8081----161$0-
--Keith MitchellK. MitchellCUT-CUT7886----164$0-
--John MallingerJ. MallingerWD-WD68--------$0-
--Curtis ThompsonC. ThompsonWD-WD7371----73$0-
--D.J. TrahanD.J. TrahanWD-WD7739----77$0-
--Mark HensbyM. HensbyWD-WD7654----76$0-
--Roger SloanR. SloanWD-WD81------81$0-
--Bryden MacPhersonB. MacPhersonWD-WD8138----81$0-
--Augusto NunezA. NunezWD-WD8552----85$0-
--Emilio DominguezE. DominguezWD-WD7851----78$0-
--Bhavik PatelB. PatelWD-WD85------85$0-
--Daniel ChopraD. ChopraWD-WD86------86$0-
--Ze-cheng DouZ. DouWD-WD8262----82$0-
--Blake AdamsB. AdamsDQ-DQ747472--220$0-


Bob Harig @BobHarig

Stenson and DeChambeau off at 1:55 p.m. on Saturday. Tiger with Justin Rose at 12:15 p.m. Ernie and Rory at 1:05 p.m.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Former champion Robert Gamez gets this week's, "what happened to the first guy?" Gamez Thursday shot a respectable even par 72 but followed that up Friday with a 10 over par 82.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Last Saturday night I asked Tiger Woods who the most special text message could come from, "Sam." He smiled after a thoughtful pause. Today he was asked about the kids appreciating what he's doing now and Tiger said, "... I was surprised on Monday when I picked them up from school how much they recounted. It was pretty neat... this is pretty neat for me to be able to experience this with them."

Jim Witalka ESPN Producer 

After a 40-minute plus post-round session on the range, Woods stopped to sign a few autographs to end his day.

Jim Witalka ESPN Producer 

After admitting he wasn't as sharp as he needed to be, Tiger's Friday at Bay Hill ended on the range, with a lengthy session of irons and woods


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

One of the reasons scoring doesn't seem to be as good Friday is because the course is getting baked out. Temperatures projected into the 80's over the weekend, a nice drink of water is exactly what this course needs. (10th fairway as the last group played the 11th hole)

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

The 11th and 15th holes share a tee box. When the Tiger Woods group goes thru, your group yields! Sorry boys, it's gonna be a minute.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Bogeys at the 1st and 9th holes were the bookend for seven pars and not a lot of great golf over the first 9 holes at Bay Hill for Tiger Woods. He hit just 4 fairways and 4 greens and the 14 putts didn't include one from the fringe at the 9th, where he hit a poor approach from 150 yards. The result a 2-over- 38 and dropping back to -2, 9 shots out of the lead.

Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN

Lipscomb in its first NCAA tournament game -- as a No. 15 seed vs. North Carolina. And early, it's very interesting.

Adam Caplan @caplannfl

So that's now two players (Ryan Grant the other) who have failed physicals in free agency.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Need to see THIS Tiger Woods, who was striping it on the driving range, as opposed to the guy who played the first 4 holes wearing the same outfit.