Trophee Hassan II

  • April 13 - 16, 2017
  • Blue Course
    Par 72
    Yards 6,788
  • Red Course
    Par 73
    Yards 7,615

Round 4 - Play Complete

15Edoardo MolinariE. Molinari-9-5F71747068283-
21Paul DunneP. Dunne-9-1F73696972283-
3-Paul WaringP. Waring-8-3F74716970284-
T48Victor DubuissonV. Dubuisson-6-3F73717270286-
T41Lasse JensenL. Jensen-6-1F75697072286-
T611Daniel BrooksD. Brooks-5-3F73717370287-
T66Christopher HansonC. Hanson-5-2F74707271287-
T822Ashley Chesters (a)A. Chesters (a)-4-4F73747269288-
T814Jordan SmithJ. Smith-4-3F73757070288-
T84Carlos PigemC. Pigem-4-1F75726972288-
T82Trevor FisherT. Fisher-4EF71707473288-
T86Renato ParatoreR. Paratore-4+2F73746675288-
T1333James MorrisonJ. Morrison-3-5F70727968289-
T1343Jens FahrbringJ. Fahrbring-3-6F73757467289-
T1333Haydn PorteousH. Porteous-3-5F77707468289-
T139Joost LuitenJ. Luiten-3-2F75727171289-
T134Matthieu PavonM. Pavon-3-1F72737272289-
T1310Pablo LarrazabalP. Larrazabal-3+2F72736975289-
T1927Benjamin HebertB. Hebert-2-4F75687869290-
T1911David DrysdaleD. Drysdale-2-2F72767171290-
T1911Joel StalterJ. Stalter-2-2F76727171290-
T193Sebastian HeiseleS. Heisele-2-1F72737372290-
T192Jorge CampilloJ. Campillo-2EF74697473290-
T192Ricardo GouveiaR. Gouveia-2EF75697373290-
T1913Gregory HavretG. Havret-2+2F70707575290-
T1913Dylan FrittelliD. Frittelli-2+2F71727275290-
T2729Max OrrinM. Orrin-1-4F71767569291-
T2719Romain WattelR. Wattel-1-3F72767370291-
T273Pelle EdbergP. Edberg-1-1F71737572291-
T273Rikard KarlbergR. Karlberg-1-1F75737172291-
T273Chris PaisleyC. Paisley-1-1F76727172291-
T275Duncan StewartD. Stewart-1EF72727473291-
T2721Lucas BjerregaardL. Bjerregaard-1+3F70717476291-
T3422Wade OrmsbyW. OrmsbyE-3F75717670292-
T3422Richard BlandR. BlandE-3F74737570292-
T3412Laurie CanterL. CanterE-2F74737471292-
T348Gary StalG. StalE-1F70757572292-
T348Alexander LevyA. LevyE-1F71757472292-
T348Mikko IlonenM. IlonenE-1F72737572292-
T348Jaco Van ZylJ. Van ZylE-1F71757472292-
T344Jeff WintherJ. WintherEEF72747373292-
T344Aaron RaiA. RaiEEF72757273292-
T3417Anthony WallA. WallE+2F74737075292-
T3422Mike Lorenzo-VeraM. Lorenzo-VeraE+3F72727276292-
T3428Gregory BourdyG. BourdyE+4F71717377292-
T4616Sebastien GrosS. Gros+1-3F77707670293-
T46-Joakim LagergrenJ. Lagergren+1-1F75737372293-
T4814Alejandro CanizaresA. Canizares+2-2F72767571294-
T482Mark FosterM. Foster+2EF72747573294-
T482Adrien SaddierA. Saddier+2EF73737573294-
T482Sebastian SoderbergS. Soderberg+2EF73737573294-
T4818Anton KarlssonA. Karlsson+2+2F72737475294-
T4826Matteo ManasseroM. Manassero+2+3F72747276294-
T4826Dean BurmesterD. Burmester+2+3F78707076294-
T4836Ricardo GonzalezR. Gonzalez+2+5F74717178294-
T5610Johan EdforsJ. Edfors+3-2F73718071295-
T566Julien GuerrierJ. Guerrier+3-1F76717672295-
T5626Steven TileyS. Tiley+3+3F75727276295-
T5634Adrian OtaeguiA. Otaegui+3+4F73727377295-
T606(a) Ayoub Lguirati(. Ayoub Lguirati+4-1F76717772296-
T6014Daniel ImD. Im+4+2F74737475296-
T6030Lee SlatteryL. Slattery+4+4F74727377296-
T6030Matthew NixonM. Nixon+4+4F74737277296-
T6038Tom LewisT. Lewis+4+5F75687578296-
653Matthew SouthgateM. Southgate+6+2F75737575298-
T663Jens DantorpJ. Dantorp+9+2F73747975301-
T66-Damien PerrierD. Perrier+9+4F74747677301-
T6610Marcus ArmitageM. Armitage+9+6F76707679301-
6913Richard S JohnsonR. S Johnson+10+7F72767480302-
701Rafael EcheniqueR. Echenique+12+5F73747978304-
712Ben EvansB. Evans+14+7F72757980306-
--Niclas FasthN. FasthCUT-CUT7871----149-
--Thomas LinardT. LinardCUT-CUT7772----149-
--Clement SordetC. SordetCUT-CUT7178----149-
--Thomas DetryT. DetryCUT-CUT7277----149-
--Michael HoeyM. HoeyCUT-CUT7673----149-
--Mikko KorhonenM. KorhonenCUT-CUT7475----149-
--Garrick PorteousG. PorteousCUT-CUT7673----149-
--Eddie PepperellE. PepperellCUT-CUT7376----149-
--Robert RockR. RockCUT-CUT7277----149-
--David HowellD. HowellCUT-CUT7376----149-
--Florian FritschF. FritschCUT-CUT7673----149-
--Brandon StoneB. StoneCUT-CUT7574----149-
--Nacho ElviraN. ElviraCUT-CUT7376----149-
--Robert DinwiddieR. DinwiddieCUT-CUT7673----149-
--Nino BertasioN. BertasioCUT-CUT7277----149-
--Julien QuesneJ. QuesneCUT-CUT7376----149-
--Andrew MarshallA. MarshallCUT-CUT7574----149-
--Callum ShinkwinC. ShinkwinCUT-CUT7674----150-
--Johan CarlssonJ. CarlssonCUT-CUT7575----150-
--Erik ComptonE. ComptonCUT-CUT7575----150-
--Jeunghun WangJ. WangCUT-CUT7773----150-
--Richard SterneR. SterneCUT-CUT7674----150-
--Marcel SiemM. SiemCUT-CUT7575----150-
--Eduardo De La RivaE. De La RivaCUT-CUT7773----150-
--Richie RamsayR. RamsayCUT-CUT7476----150-
--Raphael JacquelinR. JacquelinCUT-CUT7476----150-
--Scott JamiesonS. JamiesonCUT-CUT7278----150-
--Richard GreenR. GreenCUT-CUT7774----151-
--Younes El HassaniY. El HassaniCUT-CUT7774----151-
--Romain Langasque (a)R. Langasque (a)CUT-CUT7774----151-
--David HorseyD. HorseyCUT-CUT7378----151-
--Alexander BjorkA. BjorkCUT-CUT8071----151-
--Faycal SerghiniF. SerghiniCUT-CUT7675----151-
--Pontus WidegrenP. WidegrenCUT-CUT7576----151-
--Jamie RutherfordJ. RutherfordCUT-CUT7873----151-
--Jamie DonaldsonJ. DonaldsonCUT-CUT7775----152-
--Stuart ManleyS. ManleyCUT-CUT7280----152-
--Nathan KimseyN. KimseyCUT-CUT8072----152-
--Thomas BjornT. BjornCUT-CUT7775----152-
--Bernd RitthammerB. RitthammerCUT-CUT7776----153-
--Nathan HolmanN. HolmanCUT-CUT7875----153-
--Stephen GallacherS. GallacherCUT-CUT7875----153-
--Alexander KnappeA. KnappeCUT-CUT7578----153-
--Oliver FisherO. FisherCUT-CUT7776----153-
--Reinier SaxtonR. SaxtonCUT-CUT7677----153-
--Ahmed MarjanA. MarjanCUT-CUT7776----153-
--Zander LombardZ. LombardCUT-CUT7677----153-
--Robert KarlssonR. KarlssonCUT-CUT7776----153-
--Richard McEvoyR. McEvoyCUT-CUT7579----154-
--Justin WaltersJ. WaltersCUT-CUT7579----154-
--Simon DysonS. DysonCUT-CUT7975----154-
--Jose-Filipe LimaJ. LimaCUT-CUT7777----154-
--James HeathJ. HeathCUT-CUT7777----154-
--Pep AnglesP. AnglesCUT-CUT7975----154-
--Ayoub Id-OmarA. Id-OmarCUT-CUT7876----154-
--Nicolas ColsaertsN. ColsaertsCUT-CUT7777----154-
--Yassine TouhamiY. TouhamiCUT-CUT8272----154-
--Gary KingG. KingCUT-CUT7678----154-
--Paul MaddyP. MaddyCUT-CUT7777----154-
--Sam WalkerS. WalkerCUT-CUT7877----155-
--Scott HenryS. HenryCUT-CUT7976----155-
--Hennie OttoH. OttoCUT-CUT7580----155-
--Craig HintonC. HintonCUT-CUT7878----156-
--Y.E. YangY.E. YangCUT-CUT7978----157-
--Jaco AhlersJ. AhlersCUT-CUT8176----157-
--Maximilian KiefferM. KiefferCUT-CUT8077----157-
--Felipe AguilarF. AguilarCUT-CUT7879----157-
--Richard FinchR. FinchCUT-CUT8176----157-
--Dylan BoshartD. BoshartCUT-CUT7780----157-
--Abdelhaq SabiA. SabiCUT-CUT8079----159-
--Mike WeirM. WeirCUT-CUT8179----160-
--Santiago LunaS. LunaCUT-CUT8278----160-
--John ParryJ. ParryWD-WD80------80-


Steven Saunders ESPN UK 

Bored of waiting on the first tee for spectators to clear the walkway 100 yards up the fairway, Ian Poulter cracks a 3-hybrid over their heads. "Oh my god," shrieks one woman in the grandstand. Poulter turns and shrugs, all in good fun.

Steven Saunders ESPN UK 

Tiger Woods using Wednesday afternoon at Carnoustie to prepare at an equivalent time to his 3:21 p.m. local tee-off on Thursday.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

This is the last betting sheet in a five town radius from Ladbrokes. The clerk in Monifieth, Angus, Scotland told he called every betting shop in the area to no avail.

Matt Cooper Special to 

Can 60-year-old Bernhard Langer feature on the leaderboard this week? If course experience counts few have as much as the German in recent years. He won the British Senior Open at Carnoustie in 2010 and was ninth in 2016. He also lapped with field in that event at Royal Porthcawl in 2014, winning by 13 shots in fast-running conditions very similar to this week in Scotland.

Tom Hamilton Senior Writer, ESPN UK 

Rory McIlroy asked about whether he'll ever return that big old haircut he sported in the earlier days of his career. "Looking back now... I didn't realise how big it was..." so fans of the Rory-fro are likely to be disappointed here at Carnoustie.

Matt Cooper Special to 

Emiliano Grillo is the only Argentinian golfer in the field this week, but Carnoustie has been suited to his compatriots down the years. There have been no less than seven Puma top tens in seven Opens on the course, most recently when Andres Romero was third in 2007. Does Grillo have a chance to make it eight? He was was 12th at Royal Troon in 2016 and has eight top 20s from 16 starts this year.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Donald Trump's presidency has made his golf course at Turnberry -- and a 4-time Open site -- a considerable source of speculation going forward. The Open has been awarded (Royal Portrush, Royal St. George's, St Andrews) through 2021, and the subject of 2022 was raised again Wednesday at the R&A's annual news conference, where chief executive Martin Slumbers deftly swatted it away. "We will be going south of the border,'' he said, meaning one of the four venues in England -- most likely Royal Lytham or Royal Liverpool -- would be next up.

Steven Saunders ESPN UK 

There's out of bounds at Carnoustie, and then there's this at the ninth. (📸 Matt Cooper)