Tshwane Open

  • March 2 - 5, 2017
  • Pretoria CC
  • Par 71
    Yards 7,081

Round 4 - Play Complete

12Dean BurmesterD. Burmester-18-6F68686565266-
T23Mikko KorhonenM. Korhonen-15-4F66696767269-
T21Jorge CampilloJ. Campillo-15-3F67696568269-
47Peter UihleinP. Uihlein-14-5F69706566270-
54Alexander BjorkA. Bjork-13EF65676871271-
T613Jacques BlaauwJ. Blaauw-12-6F69687065272-
T611Paul DunneP. Dunne-12-5F73686566272-
T6-James MorrisonJ. Morrison-12-2F67667069272-
T94Justin WaltersJ. Walters-10-2F66687169274-
T93Peter KarmisP. Karmis-10EF67676971274-
T93Ben EcclesB. Eccles-10EF66736471274-
T127Hennie OttoH. Otto-9-3F68706968275-
T127Richie RamsayR. Ramsay-9-3F68706968275-
T127Dylan FrittelliD. Frittelli-9-3F71716568275-
T1522Adilson da SilvaA. da Silva-8-4F69707067276-
T152Gregory HavretG. Havret-8EF65707071276-
T159Thomas AikenT. Aiken-8+2F72626973276-
T1833Romain Langasque (a)R. Langasque (a)-7-4F68746867277-
T1814Maximilian KiefferM. Kieffer-7-2F73666969277-
T181Duncan StewartD. Stewart-7-1F66726970277-
T1812Oliver FisherO. Fisher-7+3F71706274277-
T2243Thomas DetryT. Detry-6-5F71707166278-
T2215Graeme StormG. Storm-6-4F68707367278-
T227Matthieu PavonM. Pavon-6-2F71706869278-
T224Bernd RitthammerB. Ritthammer-6-1F72706670278-
T229Marc WarrenM. Warren-6+2F68706773278-
T2211Zander LombardZ. Lombard-6+3F69706574278-
T2221Scott JamiesonS. Jamieson-6+7F67656878278-
T2929Trevor Fisher JrT. Fisher Jr-5-5F71697366279-
T2939Pep AnglesP. Angles-5-5F68747166279-
T2922Trevor ImmelmanT. Immelman-5-2F71706969279-
T29-Jamie DonaldsonJ. Donaldson-5-1F70677270279-
T29-Soomin LeeS. Lee-5-1F68697270279-
T298Lee SlatteryL. Slattery-5-1F71677170279-
T298Jaco AhlersJ. Ahlers-5-1F71706870279-
T2910Jordan SmithJ. Smith-5+1F69687072279-
T3733Darren FichardtD. Fichardt-4-5F69707566280-
T3733Lucas BjerregaardL. Bjerregaard-4-5F71707366280-
T3721Anthony MichaelA. Michael-4-2F75657169280-
T3714Paul PetersonP. Peterson-4-1F70726870280-
T37-Matthew SouthgateM. Southgate-4EF67717171280-
T37-Louis de JagerL. de Jager-4EF68717071280-
T375Wallie CoetseeW. Coetsee-4+1F71686972280-
T375Jose Filipe LimaJ. Filipe Lima-4+1F71696872280-
T4523Marcus ArmitageM. Armitage-3-3F68727368281-
T4520Jean HugoJ. Hugo-3-2F72707069281-
T4520Renato ParatoreR. Paratore-3-2F73697069281-
T4513Robert RockR. Rock-3-1F69727070281-
T4513Anthony WallA. Wall-3-1F70726970281-
T458David DrysdaleD. Drysdale-3+1F72686972281-
T4513Alexander KnappeA. Knappe-3+2F72686873281-
T4519Vaughn GroenewaldV. Groenewald-3+2F70726673281-
T4526Steve WebsterS. Webster-3+3F70677074281-
T4528Ross McGowanR. McGowan-3+4F69696875281-
T4532Dawie Van Der WaltD. Van Der Walt-3+5F72676676281-
T5623Francesco LaportaF. Laporta-2-6F70717665282-
T5614Damien PerrierD. Perrier-2-3F69737268282-
T565David HorseyD. Horsey-2+1F70697172282-
T565Christiaan BezuidenhoutC. Bezuidenhout-2+1F72677172282-
T565Ricardo GonzalezR. Gonzalez-2+1F71697072282-
T5619Justin HicksJ. Hicks-2+2F68736873282-
T628Ricardo GouveiaR. Gouveia-1-2F69727369283-
T6225Haydn PorteousH. Porteous-1+1F65727472283-
T624Chris HansonC. Hanson-1+1F68717272283-
T6225Simon DysonS. Dyson-1+3F68736874283-
T6225Daniel BrooksD. Brooks-1+3F68746774283-
T6225Chris Swanepoel Jr.C. Swanepoel Jr.-1+3F70726774283-
T6817Titch MooreT. MooreE+3F71697074284-
T6831Daniel ImD. ImE+4F74676875284-
T6842Jacques KruyswijkJ. KruyswijkE+5F69697076284-
T716Keenan DavidseK. Davidse+1-1F68747370285-
T711Ruan De smidtR. De smidt+1EF70727271285-
T7113Jaco PrinslooJ. Prinsloo+1+3F69736974285-
T7113Sam WalkerS. Walker+1+3F71716974285-
T7111Hennie Du plessisH. Du plessis+1+4F70707075285-
T763Edoardo MolinariE. Molinari+2-2F69737569286-
T766Colin NelC. Nel+2+1F71717272286-
T7644Garth MulroyG. Mulroy+2+5F67687576286-
T792Lyle RoweL. Rowe+3+1F70727372287-
T7942Chris PaisleyC. Paisley+3+5F70687376287-
8111Pelle EdbergP. Edberg+6+5F71707376290-
--Tota Thimba jnrT. Thimba jnrCUT-CUT7073----143-
--James KingstonJ. KingstonCUT-CUT7667----143-
--Jaco Van ZylJ. Van ZylCUT-CUT7469----143-
--Stuart ManleyS. ManleyCUT-CUT7073----143-
--Scott HenryS. HenryCUT-CUT6776----143-
--Oliver BekkerO. BekkerCUT-CUT6875----143-
--Ryan FoxR. FoxCUT-CUT6974----143-
--Magnus CarlssonM. CarlssonCUT-CUT7370----143-
--David HowellD. HowellCUT-CUT7172----143-
--Nacho ElviraN. ElviraCUT-CUT7073----143-
--Andrew CurlewisA. CurlewisCUT-CUT7172----143-
--Jeff WintherJ. WintherCUT-CUT7271----143-
--Niclas FasthN. FasthCUT-CUT7667----143-
--Robert DinwiddieR. DinwiddieCUT-CUT7173----144-
--Steven TileyS. TileyCUT-CUT7470----144-
--George CoetzeeG. CoetzeeCUT-CUT6876----144-
--Li HaoTongL. HaoTongCUT-CUT7371----144-
--Jens FahrbringJ. FahrbringCUT-CUT7371----144-
--Morten Orum MadsenM. Orum MadsenCUT-CUT7272----144-
--Paul WaringP. WaringCUT-CUT7173----144-
--Tjaart van der WaltT. van der WaltCUT-CUT7470----144-
--Michael HollickM. HollickCUT-CUT7173----144-
--Adrian OtaeguiA. OtaeguiCUT-CUT7074----144-
--Keith HorneK. HorneCUT-CUT7173----144-
--Nino BertasioN. BertasioCUT-CUT7272----144-
--Nathan KimseyN. KimseyCUT-CUT7372----145-
--Tyrone FerreiraT. FerreiraCUT-CUT7471----145-
--A-Shun WuA. WuCUT-CUT7570----145-
--Toby TreeT. TreeCUT-CUT6679----145-
--JC RitchieJ. RitchieCUT-CUT7273----145-
--Ulrich Van Den BergU. Van Den BergCUT-CUT7174----145-
--Jbe' KrugerJ. KrugerCUT-CUT7273----145-
--Laurie CanterL. CanterCUT-CUT7373----146-
--Felipe AguilarF. AguilarCUT-CUT7373----146-
--Sebastien GrosS. GrosCUT-CUT7175----146-
--Danie van TonderD. van TonderCUT-CUT7472----146-
--Erik van RooyenE. van RooyenCUT-CUT7373----146-
--Neil SchietekatN. SchietekatCUT-CUT7670----146-
--Christofer BlomstrandC. BlomstrandCUT-CUT7076----146-
--Jeev Milkha SinghJ. Milkha SinghCUT-CUT7571----146-
--Jean-paul StrydomJ. StrydomCUT-CUT7670----146-
--Rikard KarlbergR. KarlbergCUT-CUT7670----146-
--Joel StalterJ. StalterCUT-CUT7472----146-
--Johan CarlssonJ. CarlssonCUT-CUT7473----147-
--Rhys WestR. WestCUT-CUT7275----147-
--Jeff InglisJ. InglisCUT-CUT6978----147-
--Madalitso MuthiyaM. MuthiyaCUT-CUT7572----147-
--Mark FosterM. FosterCUT-CUT7473----147-
--Joakim LagergrenJ. LagergrenCUT-CUT8068----148-
--Bryce EastonB. EastonCUT-CUT7672----148-
--Trevor MahoneyT. MahoneyCUT-CUT7177----148-
--Mark WilliamsM. WilliamsCUT-CUT7771----148-
--Daniel GreeneD. GreeneCUT-CUT7276----148-
--James KamteJ. KamteCUT-CUT7475----149-
--Makgetha MazibukoM. MazibukoCUT-CUT7772----149-
--Ockie StrydomO. StrydomCUT-CUT7079----149-
--Merrick BremnerM. BremnerCUT-CUT7575----150-
--Steve SurryS. SurryCUT-CUT7674----150-
--Eduardo De La RivaE. De La RivaCUT-CUT7377----150-
--Doug McGuiganD. McGuiganCUT-CUT7575----150-
--James Du Preez (x)J. Du Preez (x)CUT-CUT7872----150-
--Marc CayeuxM. CayeuxCUT-CUT7675----151-
--Darren ClarkeD. ClarkeCUT-CUT7477----151-
--Alex HaindlA. HaindlCUT-CUT7477----151-
--Marcel SiemM. SiemCUT-CUT7874----152-
--Christiaan BassonC. BassonCUT-CUT7775----152-
--Jacquin HessJ. HessCUT-CUT7676----152-
--Omar SandysO. SandysCUT-CUT7677----153-
--Petr DedekP. DedekCUT-CUT7977----156-
--Cj Du plessisC. Du plessisCUT-CUT807870--228-
--Stuart SmithS. SmithCUT-CUT8079----159-
--Mikhail TewaryM. TewaryCUT-CUT7881----159-
--Jonathan AgrenJ. AgrenWD-WD71------71-
--Dwayne BassonD. BassonWD-WD-----------
--Gary StalG. StalWD-WD80------80-


Corey Pronman @coreypronman

With a 3 point night, TBL prospect Mathieu Joseph is 4th among all AHL rookies in scoring. He's also 2nd in shots on goal among AHL rookies.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

It's interesting to hear Bryson DeChambeau explain why even after having won a tournament, he's still gonna be learning on Sunday trying to while win.


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

It's hard not to root for Bryson DeChambeau when you hear how self aware he is of his situation. He'll be in the final group Sunday one shot back of Henrik Stenson.


Bob Harig @BobHarig

Sunday tee times: Stenson-DeChambeau 2:20 p.m. Rose-McIlroy 2:10 Hoffman-Moore 2:00 Fowler-Gooch 1:50 Murray-An 1:40 Woods-Cauley 1:30

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Justin Rose explains how the course has changed throughout the week, how wedges are EASIER with form greens, and what he's gotta do Sunday to win!


Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Henrik Stenson owns the 54-hole lead, as the API board looks spectacularly major-ish entering the final round.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Arnold Palmer leaderboard: Stenson -12 DeChambeau -11 McIlroy -10 Rose -9 Moore -9 Fowler, Hoffman, Gooch -8 Tiger among 4 at -7

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Rory McIlroy's 67 put him in final-round contention on the PGA Tour for the first time this year. "I started the day just outside the top-10 and wanted to at least give myself a chance going into tomorrow,'' he said. "So it was a great day out there. I can't really ask for much more.'' McIlroy is 2 strokes back of Henrik Stenson.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

From +4 to beating Tiger Woods! Justin Rose shows no fear being paired with Tiger today and could have just as easily missed the cut. U.S. Ryder Cup team take note...


Bob Harig @BobHarig

Rory McIlroy's 67 is his best round in five tournaments this year on the PGA Tour (doesn't include 2 tournaments in the Middle East)

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

The shot Tiger Woods hit on the 16th hole Saturday is an example of how far he has come. He had 205 yards from a bunker on the par-5 hole with the lip having him consider laying up. But after plenty of pondering, he decided on a 5-iron and hit the shot way up into the air and over the flag. He two-putted for birdie. "I had t flush it to get it there,'' Woods said. "And I pulled it off.''

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Tiger Woods had a few autograph requests after the round.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Tiger Woods, THAT'S the way to finish! Birdie at the 18th hole puts Tiger -7 going into Sunday. A Saturday 69 (-3) should keep Woods just within range of the leaders to have a chance to win come Sunday.