Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by Mastercard

  • March 15 - 18, 2018
  • Bay Hill Club & Lodge - Orlando, FL
  • Par 72
    Yards 7,419
  • Purse $8,900,000
    Defending Champion Marc Leishman
  • 79°
  • Precipitation: 0%
    Wind: SW 9 mph
    Gust: 9 mph

Round 3 - In Progress
Auto Update: On

T1-Bryson DeChambeauB. DeChambeau-11-6766----133$00
T1-Henrik StensonH. Stenson-11-6469----133$00
3-Talor GoochT. Gooch-9-6570----135$00
4-Byeong Hun AnB. Hun An-8-6868----136$00
T512Chris KirkC. Kirk-7-357169----140$00-
T56Bud CauleyB. Cauley-7-247267----139$00-
T51Ryan MooreR. Moore-7-137167----138$00-
T5-Charley HoffmanC. Hoffman-7E17166----137$00-
T98Tiger WoodsT. Woods-6-276872----140$00-
T98Justin RoseJ. Rose-6-266971----140$00-
T92J.B. HolmesJ.B. Holmes-6-146871----139$00-
T93Patrick ReedP. Reed-6E36870----138$00-
T93Rickie FowlerR. Fowler-6E16771----138$00-
T1452John HuhJ. Huh-5-6F727366--211$00-
T1452Austin CookA. Cook-5-6F727366--211$00-
T1439Jason DayJ. Day-5-5F737167--211$00-
T1424Patrick RodgersP. Rodgers-5-4177271----143$00-
T1411Graeme McDowellG. McDowell-5-296972----141$00-
T143Curtis LuckC. Luck-5E57168----139$00-
T143Sam BurnsS. Burns-5E56970----139$00-
T143Rory McIlroyR. McIlroy-5E36970----139$00-
T148Billy HorschelB. Horschel-5+126870----138$00-
T2330Keegan BradleyK. Bradley-4-4177272----144$00-
T2315Sean O'HairS. O'Hair-4-3177271----143$00-
T2315Brian StuardB. Stuard-4-3157469----143$00-
T2315Sam HorsfieldS. Horsfield-4-3147073----143$00-
T238Charles Howell IIIC. Howell III-4-2107270----142$00-
T238Ollie SchniederjansO. Schniederjans-4-297171----142$00-
T232William McGirtW. McGirt-4-187071----141$00-
T236Zach JohnsonZ. Johnson-4E76971----140$00-
T236Grayson MurrayG. Murray-4E77169----140$00-
T2312Ernie ElsE. Els-4+136970----139$00-
T3333Kevin StreelmanK. Streelman-3-4F737268--213$00-
T3320Chesson HadleyC. Hadley-3-3F747069--213$00-
T335Francesco MolinariF. Molinari-3-2117271----143$00-
T338Aaron WiseA. Wise-3E86576----141$00-
T338Jamie LovemarkJ. Lovemark-3E77368----141$00-
T3316Bubba WatsonB. Watson-3+167070----140$00-
T3327Luke ListL. List-3+327167----138$00-
T4125Sung-hoon KangS. Kang-2-3F786769--214$00-
T4125Tommy FleetwoodT. Fleetwood-2-3F697669--214$00-
T4112Brian GayB. Gay-2-2F737170--214$00-
T413Mackenzie HughesM. Hughes-2-1157469----143$00-
T413Li HaoTongL. HaoTong-2-1157370----143$00-
T413Brandon HarkinsB. Harkins-2-1146974----143$00-
T413Brian HarmanB. Harman-2-1126875----143$00-
T413Lucas GloverL. Glover-2-1127271----143$00-
T4110Kyle StanleyK. Stanley-2E117171----142$00-
T4110Hideki MatsuyamaH. Matsuyama-2E117072----142$00-
T4116Tom HogeT. Hoge-2+197170----141$00-
T3316Kevin ChappellK. Chappell-2+257070----140$00-
T4124Marc LeishmanM. Leishman-2+257070----140$00-
T53-Collin MorikawaC. Morikawa-1-1F727271--215$00-
T53-Emiliano GrilloE. Grillo-1-1F697571--215$00-
T5315Adam ScottA. Scott-1E127370----143$00-
T5322Martin LairdM. Laird-1+1117270----142$00-
T579David LingmerthD. LingmerthE-1F776871--216$00-
T579Kevin TwayK. TwayE-1F747171--216$00-
T579C.T. PanC.T. PanE-1F747171--216$00-
T574Doc RedmanD. RedmanEEF727272--216$00-
T574Davis Love IIID. Love IIIEEF737172--216$00-
T574Paul GoydosP. GoydosEE177074----144$00-
T5719Ian PoulterI. PoulterE+1147370----143$00-
T5719Harris EnglishH. EnglishE+1127271----143$00-
T5732Kevin NaK. NaE+387170----141$00-
T6613Beau HosslerB. Hossler+1+1F717373--217$00-
T6613Tyrrell HattonT. Hatton+1+1F707473--217$00-
T6628Alex NorenA. Noren+1+2157172----143$00-
T6628Jimmy WalkerJ. Walker+1+2156776----143$00-
T6635Stewart CinkS. Cink+1+3107270----142$00-
T6635James HahnJ. Hahn+1+397171----142$00-
T726Hudson SwaffordH. Swafford+2+1F737273--218$00-
T7219Tyrone van AswegenT. van Aswegen+2+2F727274--218$00-
T748Anirban LahiriA. Lahiri+3+2F737274--219$00-
T748Peter UihleinP. Uihlein+3+2F737274--219$00-
7610Russell KnoxR. Knox+5+4F747176--221$00-
7724Ryan ArmourR. Armour+8+8F707480--224$00-
The following players failed to make the cut at+1
--Billy Hurley IIIB. Hurley IIICUT-CUT7274----146$00-
--A.J. McInerneyA.J. McInerneyCUT-CUT7571----146$00-
--Robert StrebR. StrebCUT-CUT7472----146$00-
--Scott StallingsS. StallingsCUT-CUT7571----146$00-
--Nick TaylorN. TaylorCUT-CUT7274----146$00-
--Sam SaundersS. SaundersCUT-CUT7769----146$00-
--Hunter MahanH. MahanCUT-CUT7274----146$00-
--Padraig HarringtonP. HarringtonCUT-CUT7175----146$00-
--Tyler DuncanT. DuncanCUT-CUT7175----146$00-
--Matthew FitzpatrickM. FitzpatrickCUT-CUT7671----147$00-
--Alex CejkaA. CejkaCUT-CUT7374----147$00-
--Scott PiercyS. PiercyCUT-CUT7671----147$00-
--Ben MartinB. MartinCUT-CUT7473----147$00-
--Kiradech AphibarnratK. AphibarnratCUT-CUT7374----147$00-
--Tim HerronT. HerronCUT-CUT7572----147$00-
--Patton KizzireP. KizzireCUT-CUT7770----147$00-
--Shane LowryS. LowryCUT-CUT7572----147$00-
--Jason KokrakJ. KokrakCUT-CUT7176----147$00-
--Yuta IkedaY. IkedaCUT-CUT7374----147$00-
--Danny LeeD. LeeCUT-CUT7672----148$00-
--Brandt SnedekerB. SnedekerCUT-CUT7771----148$00-
--Stuart ApplebyS. ApplebyCUT-CUT7870----148$00-
--D.A. PointsD.A. PointsCUT-CUT7672----148$00-
--Whee KimW. KimCUT-CUT7276----148$00-
--Charl SchwartzelC. SchwartzelCUT-CUT7375----148$00-
--Cameron SmithC. SmithCUT-CUT7574----149$00-
--Cody GribbleC. GribbleCUT-CUT7376----149$00-
--Scott BrownS. BrownCUT-CUT7376----149$00-
--Matt EveryM. EveryCUT-CUT7080----150$00-
--Vijay SinghV. SinghCUT-CUT7476----150$00-
--Sang-Moon BaeS. BaeCUT-CUT7674----150$00-
--Kevin KisnerK. KisnerCUT-CUT7476----150$00-
--Louis OosthuizenL. OosthuizenCUT-CUT7674----150$00-
--Si Woo KimS. Woo KimCUT-CUT7675----151$00-
--Camilo VillegasC. VillegasCUT-CUT7576----151$00-
--Satoshi KodairaS. KodairaCUT-CUT7577----152$00-
--Martin PillerM. PillerCUT-CUT7577----152$00-
--Luke DonaldL. DonaldCUT-CUT7974----153$00-
--Robert GamezR. GamezCUT-CUT7282----154$00-
--Donny LeeD. LeeCUT-CUT7977----156$00-
--Ted Potter Jr.T. Potter Jr.CUT-CUT8076----156$00-
--Smylie KaufmanS. KaufmanCUT-CUT7781----158$00-
--Danny WillettD. WillettWD-WD7219----72$00-


Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Two days after running into trouble with a driver off the third tee, Tiger Woods takes an iron instead and is rewarded minutes later, as he rolls in a 30-footer for birdie, his first of the day.

Bob Harig @BobHarig

Stenson and DeChambeau off at 1:55 p.m. on Saturday. Tiger with Justin Rose at 12:15 p.m. Ernie and Rory at 1:05 p.m.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Former champion Robert Gamez gets this week's, "what happened to the first guy?" Gamez Thursday shot a respectable even par 72 but followed that up Friday with a 10 over par 82.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Last Saturday night I asked Tiger Woods who the most special text message could come from, "Sam." He smiled after a thoughtful pause. Today he was asked about the kids appreciating what he's doing now and Tiger said, "... I was surprised on Monday when I picked them up from school how much they recounted. It was pretty neat... this is pretty neat for me to be able to experience this with them."

Jim Witalka ESPN Producer 

After a 40-minute plus post-round session on the range, Woods stopped to sign a few autographs to end his day.

Jim Witalka ESPN Producer 

After admitting he wasn't as sharp as he needed to be, Tiger's Friday at Bay Hill ended on the range, with a lengthy session of irons and woods


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

One of the reasons scoring doesn't seem to be as good Friday is because the course is getting baked out. Temperatures projected into the 80's over the weekend, a nice drink of water is exactly what this course needs. (10th fairway as the last group played the 11th hole)

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

The 11th and 15th holes share a tee box. When the Tiger Woods group goes thru, your group yields! Sorry boys, it's gonna be a minute.