Daily fantasy baseball cheat sheet for Sunday

One last chance for Giancarlo Stanton to catch Babe Ruth... and maybe Roger Maris, too. Christian Petersen/Getty Images

And then there was one.

This is it folks, one last day of regular season DFS. A few years ago, MLB started scheduling all 15 games at essentially the same time, so teams with playoff scenarios still up in the air wouldn't know if they had clinched a playoff berth or secured a better seeding prior to their first pitch. As it happens, the practice is moot for 2017, with everything already decided.

The advantage for DFS is we'll know all 30 lineups ahead of time. There were several pitching scratches involving playoff-bound hurlers, and those remaining are likely to go one time through the order, then hit the showers. Be sure to confirm that all of your choices are in the lineup. Beyond that, the key to success today is to focus on the pitchers and hitters most likely to play the full game. Today's best buys will do just that!


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