Radio Ga Ga: Bahrain Grand Prix

ESPN rounds up the best of race radio from Bahrain.

"How the hell they can overtake me? 300 metres behind me at the beginning of the straight. I never raced with less power in my life. [Censored] he was what 300 metres behind me on the straight."
"Fernando we're considering Plan B, how are the tyres?"
"Do what ever you want, man."

Never in his life! Ouch! Fernando Alonso delivers another stinging critique of the Honda power unit.

"Engine. Engine problem. Box now."

The lights go out two laps before the end of the race, and just as Alonso had lost a wheel-to-wheel battle...

"Brakes failed. Aargh!"

But if there's one thing worse than an engine failure, it's a brake failure. Max Verstappen takes a scary ride towards the barriers after his brake-by-wire packs up.

"I dont know what Wehrlein is doing."
"Wehrlein doesn't know what Wehrlein is doing so don't worry about him."

Esteban Ocon gets stuck behind his old teammate in qualifying and his engineer gives a some insight into why Force India chose Ocon and not Pascal Wehrlein for 2017...

"So please let Lewis go."
"Can you confirm? I just pulled the gap to him in the last lap."

"OK Lewis so close up to Valtteri. He's been given the message."

Is there anything worse than being told to let your teammate past? One day after securing his first pole position, Valtteri Bottas gets a radio call he would have hoped never to hear at Mercedes.

"Don't hold Lewis up. He is two seconds a lap quicker, pushing for the win. Please let Lewis go."

And for a second time! This time Bottas is asked to move over for Hamilton in the final stint, effectively giving up second place.

"Check what happened into turn four, low speed, there's something wrong"
"We see the issue Kimi, I'll come back with any action"

"Come on it's really disturbing. Is [unclear] the normal position?"
"Confirm but this is not the issue. Driver default A five on should fix the issue."
"Something [unclear] lap time on the straight. The issue is still there."
"Understood Kimi, understood, we're checking what's going on."

Another race and more frustration in the cockpit of car No.7.

"P1 Sebastian, P1! "What a race, you were the quickest! You were the quickest!"
"Woohoo. Yes guys! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, that's what I'm talking about!"

Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel celebrate a job well done.