Lewis Hamilton won't copy Ricciardo's 'disgusting' shoey celebration

Lewis Hamilton insists there is no way he will be taking any part in the "disgusting" shoey celebration made famous by Daniel Ricciardo in 2016.

The Australian introduced the bizarre ritual of drinking champagne from his race boot after finishing second in last year's German Grand Prix. He then managed to persuade ex-driver Mark Webber to join him in Belgium, before convincing Gerard Butler to partake in the celebration in the United States.

Teammate Max Verstappen and eventual world champion Nico Rosberg also gave in to the crowd's peer pressure and took a swig after Ricciardo claimed victory in Malaysia.

However, during a recent Facebook Q&A with sponsor UBS, three-time world champion Hamilton made it clear he would not be getting involved.

"There is no racing achievement [that will get me to do a shoey], that is disgusting," Hamilton said. "I wouldn't even drink sweat from my own shoe.

"We've got these hydraulic fluids going down there, they're running at 300 degrees or something crazy, so it's bleeding hot. My dad would call it 'toe jam' - he's just drinking toe jam."

Despite his unwavering stance on the shoey, Hamilton admits he doesn't mind if Ricciardo continues on with the tradition.

"It is kind of cool that [Ricciardo] has got his own little thing and I admire him for having his own little thing. It is totally cool if he wants to drink the sweat off his own foot, but I definitely don't want to."

The 2017 Formula One season gets underway in Melbourne, Australia on Friday.