MVP's Ian clinches intense match vs. Jin Air Green Wings

The view from above at the 2016 League of Legends World Championship at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Riot Games

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In one of the longest series of the League of Legends Champions Korea, MVP took on Jin Air Green Wings during Week 8, Day 4. In a chaotic fiesta, MVP was able to prevail in Seoul, South Korea, picking up a 2-1 series win Saturday.

Game 1 started with conservative play by both teams, as the only early-game action was a Dragon stolen by Jin Air Green Wings (2-11, 9-22 match score) nine minutes into the game. First blood was drawn 13 minutes in by excellent crowd control chaining by MVP's Oh "Maha" Hyun-sik's Varus and Kim "Beyond" Kyu-suk's Elise. With Kang "ADD" Gun-mo's Kennen granting split pressure, MVP (8-5, 18-13 match score) were able to crack open the JAG base at 30 minutes after taking Baron. With the Baron buff and their huge lead, MVP were able to convincingly decimate JAGW's base and close out Game 1 in just 35 minutes.

The story of Game 2 was the dominating performance of JAGW mid laner Lee "Kuzan" Seong-hyuk's LeBlanc. Weaving his way in and out of the enemy team time and time again, Kuzan enabled Jin Air to find multiple kills, snowballing themselves to an early lead. Although Kuzan was the star of the game, AD carry Park "Teddy" Jin-seong's Jhin was able to assist him in dominating team fights by pushing all of MVP away from Jin Air time and again. Mid laner An "Ian" Jun-hyeong's Corki was the only MVP member who was nearly able to stop Kuzan, but he was unable to do so, thanks to Kuzan's fancy feet, which dodged skill shots left and right. After securing a Baron, Jin Air closed out the game in 44 minutes.

Jin Air found themselves an early lead due to Kuzan's expertise on Lissandra. Although the game was extremely messy and went back and forth, Jin Air's Oh "Raise" Ji-hwan was able to keep his team in the game by stealing a Baron with Graves, securing his team's lead. This stage of the game became chaotic, with team fights breaking out every couple of minutes while JAGW took an advantage. When all hope for MVP seemed lost, Ian ended up saving the game by hitting a three-man Shockwave with Orianna, which allowed his team to find a 4-for-1 team fight. Immediately following the fight, MVP pushed together down the mid lane to close out the game and secure a 2-1 series victory.

MVP will look to use their momentum from this victory as they take on KT Rolster at 4 a.m. EST Wednesday. Although Jin Air cannot avoid relegations, they will look to bounce back as they take on Samsung Galaxy at 4 a.m. EST Tuesday.