Football fashion report: A first for Oklahoma

Gear up for Week 6 of college football (4:18)

The Undefeated's Aaron Dodson breaks down some of the unique uniforms and gear being worn by college football teams this week. (4:18)

The Oklahoma Sooners have been playing football since 1895. That was 12 years before Oklahoma was a state.

In all that time, crimson and cream have been the official colors of the school. But in all that time, the Sooners have never combined crimson jerseys with crimson pants.

That will change on Saturday. When Iowa State visits Norman, it will be seeing nothing but red. The Sooners will throw in a crimson helmet as well.

The uniform is a combination of OU's "Rough Riders" uniforms, featuring a wood-grain pattern to honor the Sooner Schooner.

Flashing back to 1997

What a wild time it was in college football 20 years ago. It was Peyton Manning's senior season, but he lost the Heisman Trophy to Michigan's Charles Woodson, the first-and-only defensive player to win the award. With Woodson, Michigan would split the national championship with Nebraska. Both teams finished the season undefeated, but because there was no magical College Football Playoff and it was a year away from the semi-magical Bowl Championship Series, the two never met on the field.

To celebrate their last national championship, the Cornhuskers are wearing uniforms designed to look as they did in 1997.

Here they are when current UCF coach Scott Frost was running the option for Tom Osborne.

On the bright side

This week, Washington State coach Mike Leach said Autzen Stadium wasn't the loudest place he has ever coached. Leach listed nine stadiums louder than Oregon's.

So if it's not the loudest, how about brightest? Or yellowest?

The Ducks will host No. 11 Washington State on Saturday and they'll be in highlighter yellow from helmet to socks.

Storm brewing

Miami and Florida State renew their rivalry on Saturday (3:30 p.m. ET, ESPN and ESPN App), and the Hurricanes are going full Stormtrooper. All white, everything.

Under-the-radar look of the week

Gray uniforms have been mentioned more than once. For good reason. It's the couture du jour.

This week, Kennesaw State brightens things up with the winged yellow helmet and a nose bumper that reads "EAT."

As Alfred, Lord Tennyson, might say, "Break, break, break on thy gray stones" of Texas State this weekend.