Alabama and San Diego State have the best chances for unbeaten seasons

Rashaad Penny leads the running game for San Diego State. Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

About two months of games remain before we start talking about conference championships and bowl bids, and only two teams project with a better than 50 percent chance of staying undefeated.

One of them, Alabama, you're probably familiar with -- you may know them from previous championship games such as "all of them since 2015" and "four of the seven championship games in this decade."

You may not be quite as familiar with the team that the Fremeau Efficiency Index, Brian Fremeau's win projection system, gives the best chance to be undefeated: the San Diego State Aztecs.

San Diego State Aztecs
67.1 percent likelihood to win out

After beating Stanford in a late-night, delayed-by-darkness game on the West Coast, San Diego State's schedule opened up. The Mountain West is not strong, and the Aztecs' path to being undefeated opened up after leaving nonconference play. It's worth noting that even at 5-0, the Aztecs have won their past three games by a total of 15 points. They aren't blowing doors off. But then again, against the rest of this schedule, they might not have to.