Greg McElroy's September QB report card

They called 2017 the "Year of the Quarterback." With so much quality returning at the game's most important position, fans, former players and NFL talent evaluators were eager for the season to commence. They said this could be one of the best years ever for signal-callers. Well, how have they fared so far? Let's rank September's top 10 quarterbacks and hand out some superlatives.

September QB Rankings

1. Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma
I voted for him to win the Heisman in 2015. I've always liked Baker Mayfield. But I love the 2017 version of Baker Mayfield. Watching tape of him is like a guilty pleasure -- I just can't get enough. I felt the same way about Johnny Manziel in 2012 and Marcus Mariota in 2014. If you don't trust the tape, then how about these numbers: In only four games, he has thrown 13 TDs (sixth in FBS) against zero interceptions (one of only four QBs in FBS with 100-plus attempts) and is completing 75 percent of his passes (third in FBS, first in Power 5).