Biggest bets for Mayweather-McGregor

Max: 'Conor will not land a single punch against Floyd' (0:59)

Max Kellerman describes Conor McGregor as a "pure puncher" but doesn't believe that he will connect on a single punch against Floyd Mayweather. (0:59)

ESPN's Darren Rovell estimated that the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight could bring in $30 million in betting handle at Nevada sportsbooks.

Much of that will come in the days leading up to the fight, but Chalk will be monitoring all of the biggest wagers in this file as they come in.

All odds courtesy of the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook unless otherwise noted.

Opening odds (Feb. 16)

Mayweather -2500
McGregor +1100

Current odds

Mayweather -700
McGregor +500

Biggest Mayweather bets

• The South Point Sports Book took an $880,000 bet on Floyd Mayweather at -550 odds on August 11. If Mayweather defeats Conor McGregor, the bettor would net $160,000.

• On July 28, the Westgate took a "low six-figure" bet on Mayweather at -600 to degeat McGregor.

• On July 3, the Westgate took a "low six-figure" bet on Mayweather at -650 to defeat McGregor.

• On May 30, the Westgate took a $50,000 bet on Mayweather at -800, two weeks before the fight was made official. That bet would net a $6,250 profit with a Mayweather win.

• In the first few hours after the fight was made official Wednesday, CG Technology took a $45,000 bet on Mayweather.

Biggest McGregor bets

• MGM's sportsbook took a $75,000 bet on Conor McGregor to beat Floyd Mayweather at +400 on August 13. "As of today, if McGregor wins, we stand to lose over $2 million," said MGM assistant manager Jeff Stoneback.

• William Hill US took three separate $50,000 moneyline wagers on McGregor to win (one at +475, two at +425) on July 24. The $150,000 bet would win $662,500.

• Westgate took two "five-figure bets" on McGregor on July 24.

• At South Point sportsbook one bettor wagered $35,000 on McGregor to win by KO at 6-1 odds on July 24. That bet would win $210,000.

• Westgate took a $2,000 bet on McGregor at +600 and +550 odds

• Forty of the first 42 bets at Westgate were on McGregor, the biggest a $1,500 wager at +800 odds.

General nuggets

-- Las Vegas sportsbook operator CG Technology, which runs the books at the Venetian, Cosmo, M Resort and others, said Monday (June 26) that it is already facing a multiple six-figure decision on the fight. According to vice president of risk Jason Simbal, there have been 13 times more bets on McGregor than Mayweather.

-- The betting action on the fight remains "surprisingly brisk" at Station Casinos' sportsbooks, where for every one bet on Mayweather there have been 15 on McGregor.