Kirk Cousins' 'dad swag' has always been on full display

"I'm the guy in high school who would wear a braided belt and cargo short, white socks that came up half way up my ankles," Kirk Cousins said. Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins said he hasn't adopted any sort of "dad swag" since the birth of his son Cooper. That's because Cousins said he already owned too much of it, dating to high school.

Cousins' son, Cooper, was born Sept. 29. While his birth has provided Cousins a different perspective, Cousins provided a list of things it hasn't changed -- mostly his fashion choices.

"I felt like I had dad swag before I was a dad," Cousins said. "I'm the guy in high school who would wear a braided belt and cargo short, white socks that came up half way up my ankles. I was probably one step away from Velcro shoes and a visor and an oversized polo tucked in, maybe even a Palm Pilot on my belt."

Cousins even said that former Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan -- who happens to coach Sunday's opponent San Francisco -- would joke with him before games.

"He said, 'Kirk, your swag is having no swag,'" Cousins said. "That's kind of always been my vibe and I guess I'll stick with it. But, yeah, I guess I fit the dad vibe for the most part."

Cousins said his wife, Julie, and the baby are doing fine and that they've all been sleeping well. But Cousins did say having the baby helps alter his outlook in a good way.

"Perspective is the thing I've learned," Cousins said. "When you throw a few interceptions and come home from a tough loss, it's going to eat at you a little less. When you're on top of the world after a win, you're going to come home and realize that you're not as big of a deal as you think you are. That's a healthy thing."

Cousins said he remembered reading Drew Brees' book and how he said having a baby helped with his time management. Cousins already schedules his days in 15-minute increments. Perhaps it could make him more efficient.

"His time management was better at work because he wanted to get home and be with his son," Cousins said of Brees. "Hopefully it makes me a better player."

Cousins also recalled a conversation with former Redskins strength and conditioning coach Ray Wright, now with the 49ers. Wright told Cousins when he got married that "you're not your best self as a player until you're married."

"I'd maybe even say the same thing about having a son," Cousins said. "You could maybe even become a better player after that happens."