Where is Corey Davis in his recovery and confidence level?

This weekly mailbag will address a Tennessee Titans topic that is stewing among the fan base. We have two questions relating to the health and confidence of rookie receiver Corey Davis.

He's getting closer, but maybe not as close as some Titans fans might want. First, he's out for Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins. And there's not a ton of optimism that his injured hamstring will allow him to play in Week 6 against the Indianapolis Colts. Practice is the next step.

The worry is that this will be a lost season for Davis due to injuries, but I don't get that vibe. His multi-week absence is specifically so this situation doesn't cost him that amount of time.

Titans coach Mike Mularkey said Davis is "on schedule," but termed it as still a week-to-week problem instead of day-to-day. One note is that Davis is ahead of safety Johnathan Cyprien, who has been out since injuring his hamstring Week 1 versus Oakland. It appears Cyprien's injury is more significant than it was initially portrayed. Tennessee could use both players now. On the other side, Davis' return is important but not essential.

"When he's healthy he'll come out here and do whatever we feel is going to put him in a position not to hurt himself again," Mularkey said. Remember, Davis missed a month after he hurt his hamstring Aug. 3, early in training camp. He re-injured it Sept. 17 at Jacksonville.

I talked to Davis earlier this week. He said he thought he was close, and he's ready to show fans why the Titans drafted him No. 5 overall. Davis did have a strong Week 1 performance -- six catches for 69 yards -- before his Week 2 injury. That brings us to our next question.

Davis is keeping his head up. He gets frustrated at times, yes, but he rarely lacks for confidence.

The Titans coaching staff had to convince him early on that they weren't disappointed in him. Injuries happen and football will be here when you're healthy was their message.

Davis is the Titans' receiver with the highest ceiling, and he's probably neck-and-neck with Rishard Matthews as their best receiver. When Davis returns, it will be a big boost to Tennessee's offense.

That's why offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie and receivers coach Frisman Jackson are spending a lot of time quizzing him about plays and defensive assignments.

"He's been our rubber ball," Robiskie said. "He's the guy we throw something up on the wall and say, 'Corey, what is everybody doing?' Not just, 'Corey, what are you doing?' He's the guy we call on."

Davis just smirked when I asked him about being the rubber ball. They're picking on him a bit, with the hope that he'll progress in the scheme mentally while he recovers physically.