Raiders don't have a prayer against Washington with Derek Carr's off night

LANDOVER, Md. -- Derek Carr just seemed out of it from the start.

With most of his teammates taking a knee or a seat during the national anthem to show unity and protest racial injustice, Carr was among those who stood. He stood with his head cocked back, his eyes closed and appeared to pray out loud.

The Oakland Raiders, thanks in part to an uncharacteristically sloppy and error-filled game from Carr, were embarrassed on national television by the Washington Redskins 27-10.

Sure, his offensive line, which is one of the best in the NFL, broke down numerous times. And the defense wilted under the pressure of being on the field so much, surrendering 472 yards.

But it was Carr who set the tone with a pair of head-scratching throws that were intercepted, an up-for-grabs deep ball to Amari Cooper and a throw in tight coverage to Seth Roberts.

"I have to take care of the ball," Carr said, after completing 19 of 31 passes for 118 yards, a touchdown and the two picks for a ghastly, for Carr, passer rating of 52.9, the third-lowest such rating of his four-year career. "If I feel like, 'Oh, we need a play or a spark, I can do it,' I have to calm myself down a little bit.

"So, I have to take care of the ball better, and I will. This isn't alarming, but we did get punched in the mouth. It's all about how we respond, or not."

Carr, remember, had not thrown a pick in three games, dating to last season. All of a sudden he had two in the Raiders’ first five series, including on the second snap of the game.

"That was an omen," said Raiders radio color analyst Tom Flores.

And while Carr had been sacked only twice in the first two games, he went down four times before the fourth quarter. It was the first time in his career Carr had been sacked four times by a four-man rush, per ESPN Stats & Information.

"We came out flat, very slow, and that's not us" said left tackle Donald Penn. "Good thing is, it happened early in the year. We've got time to get it fixed, but that's not the Raiders offense out there."

Nor, did it seem, was it the Carr his team and fans were used to seeing either.

Consider: Carr oversaw an offense that was 0-11 on third-down conversions.

"It sucked," Carr said.

"If you would have said that our offense is going to be oh-fer on third down, I would have said there's no way," said Raiders coach Jack Del Rio.

"We've obviously seen him [Carr] play at a real high level. Tonight wasn't one of those nights. It started on the second play of the game, and I think it kind of unraveled from there. We didn't get a lot done there with our offense, and he's the trigger man that makes it all go."

And the Raiders had but 108 yards of total offense -- 47 in the first half -- and seven first downs. Washington had 18.

“From start to finish,” said Raiders radio play-by-play announcer Greg Papa, “this is one of the worst games Derek has ever played.”

There were also the two times Carr was not ready for the snap in the shotgun.

"You put it all on me, every single time," Carr said. "When something like this happens, it's my fault. Everyone wants to pat you on the back when you win, as a quarterback, and you just go ahead and put it all in me. I promise you, I'll be all right."