Julian Edelman 'determined' in his rehab from torn ACL

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is almost six months removed from tearing his right ACL in a preseason game, and he shared a snapshot of his progress this week on his personal Instagram account.


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Edelman's music choice on the video -- "God's Plan" by Drake -- ties to his rehab.

"I hold back, sometimes I won't, yuh

I feel good, sometimes I don't ..."

Edelman suffered the injury Aug. 25, and he had surgery a little more than four weeks later.

At Super Bowl LII earlier this month, he was a guest on Barstool Radio and said of his progress, "I'm pretty healthy. ... You never want to put a number on anything. You put a number on something, you're feeling great this day [but] you go out and the next day, something swells up, this, that, and then who's fault is that? Is it the trainer's fault? Is it the player's fault? Is it the doctor's fault? You just say 'We're trying to get better each day.'"

Edelman also explained in the interview that "the first three weeks after your injury, you hate the world," but that he overcame that.

"I want to get back and do it again," he said.