Monday's Knicks News: Kristaps Porzingis: We are 'not that good of a team'

Kristaps Porzingis says Knicks are ‘not that good of a team’: At times, 21-year-old Kristaps Porzingis sounds like a wizened veteran. He admits he wants to be a leader next season. Certainly Porzingis has been outspoken. According to Porzingis, he thought the Knicks were doomed early, seeing a lot of talent in their newly formed Big 3 and a lot of alarming signs of a lack of teamwork and chemistry. -- New York Post

Two Knicks rookies fans soon will be seeing a lot more of: It’s soon going to be Mo Time and Marshall Time. Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek said he figures once the Knicks (27-42) are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs -- which could occur if they go 0-4 on this trip out West -- he figures he’ll get the orders to play all six rookies on the roster. -- New York Post

Kristaps Porzingis blames Knicks’ nightmare season on poor chemistry: Kristaps Porzingis doesn’t follow college basketball and has such little interest in the NCAA Tournament that he didn’t participate in that time-honored tradition of filling out a bracket like the rest of his teammates. “I didn’t fill out a bracket because it would be like me donating money,” Porzingis said on Sunday. -- New York Daily News

Kristaps Porzingis, Derrick Rose see lack of Knicks’ chemistry: Kristaps Porzingis was the first to see something and say something when he expressed that despite the Knicks’ early-season success, something was missing. The second-year big man proved to have great foresight. “I think it was pretty easy to tell from the inside that we’re not that good of a team,” Porzingis said after Sunday’s practice. -- Newsday

Phil Jackson returns to L.A., but not a conquering hero: The Knicks went through the motions, the same sort that they have for three years since Phil Jackson arrived as the savior of the franchise. Jackson boarded the plane with the team for the West Coast, retreated to his home at Playa Del Rey, and took the chance to feel the warmth of the sun and to raise the spirits of his successful past. But that was the end of the similarities. -- The Record