Andrew Bynum: "Our guys have trust issues right now." (video)

Andrew Bynum has always been blunt. Wednesday night following Game 2 was no exception.

"Obviously we have trust issues, and unless we come out and discuss them, nothing is going to change," he said only moments into his postgame interview. "It's quite obvious to anybody watching the game. Hesitation on passes. Defensively not being there for your teammate, because he wasn't there for you before. Stuff like that, those things."

Asked if the trust issues are on the court or in the locker room, Bynum didn't let up. "I mean, it's basketball, so it would be definitely both."

Bynum was hardly popping off at teammates on a night he scored 18 points and grabbed 13 boards- one of the few positives the Lakers had to offer. Instead, he basically threw himself under the bus, grading his game as "A D. An F/D," thanks to poor play defensively. While I don't know if Bynum is really trying to say the locker room is being torn apart, he's clearly commenting on problems the team has had on the floor, where they're showing less rhythm than a bad suburban garage band. The Lakers don't appear to be a group overflowing with faith in each other. It was something Bynum's teammates, to a man, agreed has to change, even while reluctant to fully parse his choice of words.

"We've got to communicate and trust each other, and pick each other up," Pau Gasol said. "There's breakdowns, defensive breakdowns, especially with a team that executes as well as Dallas does. So we've just got to talk and support each other, and understand that mistakes happen. We can't just hang our heads just because of it. We've got to create that energy, and just be positive because that's going to carry you down to the other end."

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