Explaining yet another Matthew Stafford 100-pass pick-less run

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ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- He knocked on the podium Wednesday afternoon -- a sign he hopes his good play and good luck continue. Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford had just been reminded of his streak of 137 passes without an interception and he didn't want to jinx it.

Stafford was intercepted on his first pass of the season -- returned for a touchdown by Arizona. Since then, he's been mostly accurate and completely turnover-free. There were times Sunday against Minnesota -- at least twice -- when the streak should have been halted, but the Vikings couldn't come down with the turnover.

"It's good. I want to still be aggressive," Stafford said. "I understand that turnovers in this league are going to happen. We're doing a really nice job right now of holding on to the ball, and was fortunate a couple times last week.

"But yeah, it's a big part, especially when your defense is doing what our defense is doing and getting us the ball back a bunch. If we can not give it to the other team, that's a positive. But we still got to go out there and be aggressive and score points."

The Lions have had issues scoring this season. Detroit is averaging 19.5 offensive points per game this season -- tied for No. 19 in the league. Stafford has, for the most part, made smart decisions when he's thrown the ball. He's balanced aggression and safe passing well -- combined with some good fortune -- to reach his current streak.

That difference between aggression and safety is a tough one. Not surprisingly, Lions coach Jim Caldwell didn't want to discuss the streak Wednesday. But he said Stafford has done well with decisions, including taking sacks and keeping possession instead of forcing up a throw that would potentially result in a turnover.

"It's a delicate balance. There's no question. To score points in this league, you look at the majority of times teams score points, there's some kind of an explosive play within the drive," Stafford said. "It doesn't have to be a 50-yard launch. It can be a screen to a back that goes for 25. So, that's a careful play. But I think there's a fine line, and we have to do what we can do best and to our strengths and play to our strengths as much as we possibly can.

"Just execute at a higher level, that's really the biggest thing I want our offense to do."

Stafford had a similar streak last season of 132 straight passes without an interception from Week 5 until Week 9 before throwing an interception against Minnesota. In the four-plus game streak last season, the Lions went 4-1. This year's Detroit team is 3-1.

Stafford's current streak is a long way from the NFL record 358 straight passes without an interception by Tom Brady set during the 2010 and 2011 seasons.