Tony Romo's total bonus pool money: $92.01

Dak Prescott earned $353,544.57 in a performance-based bonus. Tony Romo still got something, too: $92.01, which represents roughly 0.001 percent of his 2016 salary. AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth

FRISCO, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was able to cash in with the performance-based pay system by earning an extra $353,544.57, but he will not be eligible to double-dip in the veteran pool until next season.

Third-year linebacker Anthony Hitchens, a fourth-round pick in 2014, was fifth on the Cowboys in performance-based pay at $186,101.52 but earned an extra $51.924.22 in the veteran pool, bringing his total to $238,025.74. The veteran pool further rewards players for outperforming their contact based playing time. Each team is awarded $1 million that is divvied up among the non-rookies.

Byron Jones will take home the second-largest vet pool total on the Cowboys at $47,278.61.

Tony Romo took home $64.11 in the performance-based pay system based on his one series. He earned $27.90 in the veteran pool payout.

Don’t feel bad for Romo. He had a base salary of $8 million last season.

Here are the top 10 Cowboys’ payouts in the veteran pool: