National Fantasy Football Convention set for July 14-16 in Dallas

FRISCO, Texas -- The National Fantasy Football Convention is hoping the third time is the charm.

Thwarted in its first two scheduled attempts, in Las Vegas and Pasadena, California, it is scheduled to be held July 14-16 in Dallas, with ESPN fantasy expert Matthew Berry serving as host.

The three-day event will include question-and-answer, autograph and photograph opportunities, along with fantasy football strategy sessions. Tony Romo, Jason Witten and many other Dallas Cowboys are expected to attend.

“We’re not only excited about bringing the players and the fans together in a special unique way that’s never been done before, but we’re also excited about the impact the convention is going to have on local businesses and the overall economic impact it will have on the city of Dallas,” said NFFC executive director Andy Alberth. “Our main goal has always been to give the fans a chance to interact with the players during a truly unforgettable experience, and after three years of hard work, we’re unbelievably excited to see it all come together this summer in Dallas.”

Getting to this point has been difficult. In 2015, the NFL threatened players with a potential suspension if they participated in the event due to the league’s policy against casino appearances. Last year’s event was cancelled as well, with the convention blaming the NFL for interfering with sponsors.

Legal action remains pending against the NFL but a tortious interference claim brought by The Fan Expo, LLC, was thrown out by a Dallas judge in February 2016.